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They did it for money! Who flips a switch!


RECENT ARTICLE - Neil Ferguson

What did Neil Ferguson write and what media did he copy? (See slideshow below):

From @RealXanon on AnonUp / @Xanon on Telegram:

Then this news breaks about Peter Daszak:

Then there is the bias media and social media that bans any truth information about the covid scamdemic, so the every day person is left to listen to fake news media that is pushing fear news of the pandemic and the CDC that does not report the truth.

So naturally, the majority of people will believe the pandemic is real. BUT, now, we are seeing interviews and more truth that Anons have dug up to see it is all one big money making scam.

Will all of these people involved in paying and contributing to a lab, that intentionally releases an outbreak of a killing virus to depopulate the world, and keeps the covid scamdemic alive, only to line their pockets...will they have to pay?

These are people's lives that were lost?

A few industries involved:

  • Big Pharma

  • Hospitals / Doctors that diagnose patients as having covid and then they get paid

  • Big Tech

  • Fake News media

  • CDC

  • Gates Foundation

  • WHO

And now this news just broke, the WHO says not to give children the vaccine:

Are these interviews and documents getting released to show the world what these horrible people have done? What happens to them? Are these crimes against humanity? Did they get their assets seized? Are they going through their shame game right now? Will they get sentenced?

One of the trials we don't see on any network are Military Tribunals. Are all these crooked people being dealt with through Military Tribunals?

Remember, White Hats are in Control. They even have control over the photos and google maps showing Guantanamo Bay:

( Photos change periodically)

President Trump will have a rally in 5 days! We'll be hearing more directly coming from him!!

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