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Three New Q! Dormant volcano is now active! News updates! Trust God!



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LET THE PILLOW FIGHT BEGIN! WooHoo...Mike Lindell is challenging Ronna McDaniel for the COP Chair!!



Update since last podcast: Solicitor General of the DOJ replaced US Attorneys for the defendants and waived their right to respond to Brunson's lawsuit. SCOTUS can now move forward on the case:

We know fake news does not ever want to report this case, so they haven't. This case started with 3 brothers that stood for the constitution and then filed a lawsuit against the government. This is why YOU ARE NEEDED in this fight!






VOLCANO ACTIVE ON BIG ISLAND Latest info as of 7:00 Hawaii Time 11/28/2022:

Kilauea volcano has been very active over the years. Mauna Loa has been dormant, and the islanders / residents never thought it would ever erupt again. This eruption has caught the people of the Island of Hawai'i by surprise.

Mauna Kea has been dormant for over 4000 years. Since at least 1999, the team reports, the ground deep beneath Mauna Kea has been shaking periodically, on timescales ranging from roughly every seven to 12 minutes. Some reports state that Mauna Kea will erupt.

Is God trying to wake us up? Is God sending a big message? This volcano eruption is not common for Mauna Loa.



Doing your own research is the best way to stay tuned and TUNED with what God has planned. In my humble opinion, Q4964 is truly for YOU! We need to listen to God's voice and use your gut instincts more often.

Your gut instinct is a gift from God. We may have made choices or decisions years ago that may not have been the best choice (at that time). The older we get, the more we face situations like this and then begin to lack trust in your gut intuition. However, when you look at your decision that you may have regretted, think about what YOU BECAME from it. Or where did it lead you? That is God's ultimate surprise...the Journey!

The more we make it right with God, the more in TUNE you will become with trusting your own gut! I love these Q posts because Q4966 begings with your DNA. Just how bad did the medical industry manipulate many things about us?

Q4966 ends with Ascension. Yes, we learned about Military Ascension:

Yet, I see it (also) as Ascending within our hearts. Growing closer to God. When we look to God, we look up. We pray humbly, yet when we glorify Him, we look up and praise Him and thank Him! He is our Redeemer and knows exactly everything about you. All we have to do is ask Him for His glory, meet your needs, and He will answer you...on His own time and by His own way. God uses you to help others. God is the ONLY way!

Let God Bless you with discovering your gut and instuition.


Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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