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Ticker, Tales, Time, Trump, and Tucker! Not Bezos! Thankful for God's power!

YouTube is removing videos again. Rumble Video Link below:

Complimentary Constitution Booklet with every donation purchase through 7/20/2021


AMC Closed 7/19/2021:

Dow closed yesterday (7/19/2021):

AMC today 7/20/2021:

Dow today 7/20/2021:



What is weird is that these guys didn't have a space suit, or an operating board on the toy space whachamacallit. They spent their time in "space" throwing a nerf ball and skittles to each other rather than taking in moments of the sights from "space".

Then, they all immediately land and do an interview? How weird is that? When NASA astronauts land, they are taken to a place to hydrate and get their bearings together, but not Bezos or Branson.

For $5000 thrill-seekers can experience a gravity free room:

Wonder if this is their version of a perp walk? Bad guys have been dealt with. Q1810 quotes DonJr. with a mention of Jeff Bezos.

Remember, Richard Branson is best buddies with loser Barry:

Lately, I've noticed Elon Musk is getting exposed on Yahoo News about using government subsidies. What is repulsive, is that they are created a Billionaire's club space flight while they are getting subsidized. When does this end? The American people can use those same subsidies to grow a garden, rent a home, buy groceries. These billionaires do not care about main street people, only their selfish hobbies.

America already has Space Force and doesn't need these crooks for any of their technology.

Time will only tell with these guys!



He reported about Brian Stelter getting roasted by Stelter's own guest!

Tucker Carlson has been on a roll lately! I completely missed this clip from 2 weeks ago.



President Trump is very busy behind the scenes.


Listen to General Flynn (Full Grasshopper Clip here) about GA Election:

GA, AZ and how many other states will flip? Even our little island of Maui is having a Freedom Day:

How big will it be and how disastrous will it expose the Dems and crooked RINOs?



Our friend 117 had another very heartbreaking experience. And when it is the right time, I will share this with you. Yet, imagine, fighting to expose so much truth and then have your most precious loved ones taken from you because of your fight.

117 understands that the closer we get to the good and truth, the greater the fight. Evil doesn't like the love, the truth, freedom, joy, happiness. That is our constant battle.

Through all the horrible things 117 is going through, I ask for continued prayers for him and his precious family.

117 still remained strong in his Faith in God. He will not waver. He knows the outcome will be exactly what God wants.

Notice when things get so close to greatness, distraction interfere to try to get us to lose hope. Together, we are strong!! An Army is just that...AN ARMY!! We fight and defend God, each other and what we believe is right. Even when people come into our comments to share a negative point of view, that is just their opinion. They are commonly known as trolls, but 117 enlightened me and said they are allowed to have their comments. We can agree or ignore them. It's their choice.

It appears some very big things are moving quickly now.

And we know when more of the truth is exposed, results reported, the media and big tech and crooked remaining deep state will do everything they can to silence us and feed us with so much disinformation.

Building strength within you is the Power of God and He needs you to be so strong within. What will get exposed? So much that many will not be able to handle the truth. With God, we are strong and strong together!

We know our Lord God in Heaven is working in you and President Trump to give us another miracle! A miracle that will make the people of the world bigger and stronger than ever!

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Awesome! Thank you again Santa

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