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Trapped everywhere! Maddow / Durham / Milley! Pompeo / Dan / Pool posts!



Attendees at the protest are reporting that the Mayor of Maui, Mike Victorino announced he is against forced vaccinations! Whether he lives up to that announcement and takes some action, I'll wait til he does something! He is part of the make Hawaii suffer again plan! This dude is useless for Maui residents and visitors!

Tulsi Gabbard had a rumble video posted (right pic) and this is not her. Where is Tulsi?



Jan 6, 2021 - Compilation Videos by Telegram accounts Paul R and KanekoaTheGreat:

The Trap.

President Trump announces a MAGA March in DC for January 6, 2021. All dirty FBI and other dirty law enforcement and even congress set their dirty plans in place. To stage a setting making it look like riots are started by Patriotic Trump Supporters. Remember Q28 posted that the military is infiltrated into thug groups.

Now the news is surfacing on liberal MSN about Capitol Police fist bumping rioters. The video clip above exposes their evil plot!

They got trapped. FBI and Police. Anitfa (remember, when you go to, it directs you directly to Joe's White House page).

They had to get trapped! Maybe the dirty alpha agencies needed one last trap to get exposed for the dirty agency that they are. Maybe all dirty government agencies are going through this process....all on Joe's watch!

What a brilliant plan!!! Trump is in the clear but not Joe.



Dan Scavino already confirmed what Anons already knew, but liberals need to hear about!


And the punishment for Treason was reported by OAN:


Mike Pompeo

LINK TO Q1042 - Article





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