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Treasury # Disconnected! Weird that SOS Blinken is supporting Evergrande! Pandora Papers exposes!

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CORRECTION - I got excited and should have called the main number first! I recorded a message that the US Department of Treasury is closed but then learned this particular US Treasury Department office number is disconnected. The main office number is working. Yet this tells me that the Treasury Department is downsizing. In my humble opinion, technology tends to reduce employees, is the Quantum Financial System ready to release?



Tifanie on Twitter and Telegram is posting excellent updates on Pandora Papers! Newsletter Link Click here.

Pandora Papers Gematria Numbers decoded:

This covers just about everything! The dirty swamp rats and politicians and dirty banksters.

Remember when Mr Pool posted this:

This could be another message about it. Post by Gesara_News

FedNow will be fully operational in 2023. I am sure the FinTech are very unhappy for this for this is their slow death. Without the private industry 3rd party middle man transactions and fraud detection and dirty money transactions can be detected too!



Show the Movie set for Joe, etc.

President Trump will have a rally this weekend on October 9, 2021.


Embrace joyful moments! Surround yourself around positive, forward thinking people! Keep reaching for your dreams!! Nothing can stop what is coming for YOU, when you believe in Yourself and have complete Faith in God!



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Barbara Wysocki
Barbara Wysocki
Oct 13, 2021

I love your broadcasts and hope that you will constantly be praying, I am praying for our great country and for you and yours. God Bless America and you!

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