Truckers Convoy standing Stronger! Distraction news galore! Pray for Freedom WW!


VIDEO 01/27/2022

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1/26/2022 - WI withdraws vote! AMC! Liberal Breyer retiring! Truckers unite! QohnG!

1/25/2022 - Markets imploding! Basel III! Worldwide changes! Beautiful world incoming! 1/24/2022 - No Show Recorded

1/21/2022 - Tons have CV! 11.3! Hood in trouble! Make Laughing Great Again! God still Wins!

1/20/2022 - Law of War - 1 Year mark! Pope B abuse exposed! CV Vax under Criminal Investigation!

1/19/2022 - I'm Batman Tweet then Gotham City Alert! Explosion at WH?

1/18/2022 - Don Jr 8 bullets! It is Done! So many comms! Assange hints!! God is so good!

01/27/2022 comments below article


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What is Wall Street hiding? Citadel et al Recent Filings having over 5% holdings in:

1 Vigil Neuroscience, Inc.

2 Edgewise Therapeutics

What the heck?? Is Bananahead Griffin trying to get in the big pharma game?

Silver and Gold is down. Coincidence this happens on the day contracts are due!

(NOTE: BASEL III is reported effective January 1, 2023, yet I have been informed it is effective this year) Banks still need to cover the contracts.

Indexes are down. Is Wall Street still selling long positions including all long positions in Meme stocks?


76 News reporting Trucker Convoy Movement


Qohn Galt final video:









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