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Truckers Gridlock at Ottawa!! Trump's GESARA Speech! Greatness!

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1/28/2022 - One Nation Under God!!! Keep on Trucking and we will win!

1/27/2022 - Truckers Convoy standing Stronger! Distraction news galore! Pray for Freedom WW!

1/26/2022 - WI withdraws vote! AMC! Liberal Breyer retiring! Truckers unite! QohnG!

1/25/2022 - Markets imploding! Basel III! Worldwide changes! Beautiful world incoming! 1/24/2022 - No Show Recorded

1/21/2022 - Tons have CV! 11.3! Hood in trouble! Make Laughing Great Again! God still Wins!

1/20/2022 - Law of War - 1 Year mark! Pope B abuse exposed! CV Vax under Criminal Investigation!

1/19/2022 - I'm Batman Tweet then Gotham City Alert! Explosion at WH?

1/18/2022 - Don Jr 8 bullets! It is Done! So many comms! Assange hints!! God is so good!

01/28/2022 comments below article


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2.40 Big Crowd

3.49 Don't mess with TX ...never ever turning blue

4.50 Shelves are empty

4.55 Book -Throw the book!

5.20 Hear that crowd

5.35 Biggest crowd of its kind in history of TX

5.48 Lines back 30 miles long

5.58 We're going to have a good time tonight

6.17 Biden babbling (imitating)

6.35 We all got screwed together - We're going to fix it

6.50 Afghanistan ..."image changing" – Are they are a part of GESARA?

7.00 Real risk of WW3 -

7.29 Elect strong smart R - Put America First

8.03 Everyone is obsessing Ukraine border - but ignoring American border - TREASON

8.38 Stop the invasion

8.56 Biden should be sending troops at our border

9.40 Over 5M people trespassed over the border - you'll be paying a price for years to come - NESARA

10.18 Normally a nation has to go to war to ____

10.35 Entire planet is intruded ...(border) – By evilness? Corruption? Invisible enemy?

10.50 Nobody would have believed open borders

11.09 Border patrols saw 350% increase....1900% more murders – Q350 Q1900

12.39 Let's read it anyway - The Snake poem - has to do with immigration

13.14 We're on the losing end of every single problem

13.16 [Reads snake poem] - And that is what is happening with USA with immigration Evilness

15.48 We missed you – [Emotional] - had to look away from camera – Trump had to look away – very emotional

17.43 Victor Davis Hanson

17.55 Trump took down Solemani, killed Bahgdadi, took out Isis

18.19 Nothing like 250,000 soldiers on the borders of our country

18.37 No new wars (under Trump) - I'm the one that got them not to fight [Peace Agreements] - GESARA

19.11 Peace thru strength – WE MUST BE STRONG

19.20 If EU cared they would have to pay - GESARA

19.46 Americans are not going to be played for suckers under Trump Admin

20.00 [About other countries when Biden took office - back to the usual]

20.18 Let the dumb Americans pay

20.44 There is a reason why Joe Biden cannot walk into a sports field w/o being mocked and ridiculed – Q953

21.00 Let's Go Brandon chants

21.14 Pelosi is crazy as a bed bug

21.23 About Ukraine calls with Trump and then Biden – Trump impeachment proceedings bc of clean call…what will happen to Biden?

23.34 Hoaxes and lies

23.49 Try and destroy you

24.05 Thank you for the hand...usually that is left for Joe Biden

24.39 In 2022 - end Pelosi political career – Done - GITMOED

24.50 Kick the Biden crime family out of the WH in 2024 – WH??

25.10 Biden family collected 31M from communist Chinese companies, 83K / mo / 3M from Moscow Mayor wife

25.51 Can you imagine when the lap top from hell is missing.

26.15 Big Tech cheating - would represent a 15%

26.43 Mueller Hoax, Impeachment Hoax #1/#2

26.55 Unselect cote for Jan 2020

27.00 Outrageous Civil & Criminal Harassment in NY and Atlanta by a person known as Donald Trump

27.15 Rest assured Biden corruption will be investigated and exposed by Congress (Election)

27.52 OAN is getting shut down by ATT and Direct TV

28.10 If they shut down OAN you should boycott ATT and DTV – What plans does Trump have for OAN?

28.46 Boycott Comcast and Xfinity - No Good and so bad for our country

29.05 Joe has refused to hold CCP held accountable for unleashing the virus – Biological Warfare – Violates GC

29.30 Mr. Herring is here...they own OAN Charles and Robert - great personal expense Herring – Silvery fish

30.12 DTV Boycott if they terminate OAN - terminating the truth

30.25 It’s time the American ppl declare independence with CV mandate, we have to tyrants…we’re done with… - we're moving on from CV whether they like it or not – CV is done!

31.00 Operation Warp Speed has been praised by everybody - Time to move on – Initially announced during Peace Agreement with UAE. Time to move on – to GESARA!

31.03 There are far more of us than there are of them – GESARA power to the people

31.15 Truckers are doing more to defend American freedom than our own leaders – Let Canadian Truckers know…we are with them all the way - Time to move on to GESARA! This statement is about UNITY with Canada and USA – USMCA – we are UNITED !! Canada is making huge moves to help the Canadian and American Freedom! - GESARA

31.40 GOP should pass a bill rehiring every single member of the military who was cruelly and wrongfully terminated by Joe Biden and his ridiculous CV vax mandate- force pentagon to give apology and full back pay - NESARA

32.14 WE are loaded …85,000 people - NESARA / GESARA – Well Funded

32.40 Greg Abbott - Is he putting front and center for a reason

33.17 Lt. Gov Dan Patrick

33.38 AG that has really led the way - Ken Paxton - Brace Strong and popular - Tribunals

34.00 Monday is the last day to vote in the primary - TX

34.37 Lots of Congressman and warriors with us

35.18 My doctor - Ronny Jackson - first q are easy then go to q 30 and then it gets harder. Took Cognitive test and Ronny said Trump got every single question right...I think Biden should do the same thing! "He won't be doing it anytime soon" - Ronny saved Trump's life

36.52 Ronny Jackson is one of the healthiest human I have ever seen

37.11 Another man shot...Roger Williams

38.25 AG ....NY

38.37 Louis Gohmert a man friend of mine

39.11 The pillow guy...Mike Lindell

39.37 Single largest purchaser of advertiser - Greatest buyer of ads

40.14 AG Todd Rochita [tribunals]

40.24 AG Jason Roundsberg [tribunals]

40.40 Judge Mark Keho -A lot of power that guy [tribunals]

41.32 Longest standing GOP Dr. Wally Wilkderson 92 y/o still a dynamo

42.14 Roger Clements ...Throw at the head

42.44 Roster to Detroit Tigers ...Tiger is at play...(changing name of Cleveland Indians)

43.24 3 Traffic cops - pay respect for Houston police

44.12 We will always back our men and women in blue

44.28 Biden spending binge sparked worst inflation in 92 years -

44.54 More Americans died on Biden's watch – Crimes Against Humanity – Violates L.O.W.

45.12 Smash and grab

45.51 ...then begged OPEC for mercy...

46.00 Review of Trump's Accomplishments

47.11 Horrible plague from china – Violates LOW - GC

47.28 Replace NAFTA with USMCA - GESARA

47.53 We stood up to China like never before

48.07 Unleashed AMerican energy achieved American Independence for the 1st time - NESARA

48.30 Down by 91% (border crossing)

48.55 Slashed violent crimes

49.07 They cannot handle it

49.17 300 judges - "laws of Constitution as it is written" - NESARA

49.36 SpaceForce - There they are [point up]

49.48 We crushed ISIS caliphate 100%...remember it was at 95% then 100% - Bush didn't do it

Obama didn't do it - How is Barack doing?

50.24 Abraham Accords - GESARA

50.48 Administration is ready to swamp our communities

51.22 22 ppl fell off the sides of the planes

51.45 Trump cut refugees by 85%

52.03 National Protection into law

52.13 Insuring Free Fair and Honest Elections

52.30 2020 Election - rigged - dems know it

52.44 PA statewide court ruled - mail in ballots illegal and unconstitutional - therefore I assume we won the state – TRUMP WIN

53.10 WI judge ruled drop boxes are illegal – TRUMP WIN?

53.41 Ballot mules -thousands stuff ballot boxes

54.10 We have it on tape - they don't want to release the tape – What tape(s)??

54.32 Tips - reporting ballot fraud

55.00 I never considered myself to be a politician – Never was – He’s always been the People’s President

55.08 For years they’ve been going after my company…many years…using every trick in the book to…IF THEY CAN…

55.17 Put me in Jail...they want to put me in jail...

55.23 This has been going on since I came down the escalator

55.39 Supreme court is MIA

56.10 9M pages (indictment) or anything else that might be a little bit wrong

56.31 Attorney General has hundreds of venomous quotes on Trump...

57.04 He's been after my family for years other than a fringe benefit case - aren't criminal cases - never been a criminal case for fringe benefits

57.49 Been going on long as I am in the polls

58.07 If I wave syanara TX

58.19 Our Country is dying

58.26 Prosecutorial Misconduct at highest level - going after Trump w/o any protection

58.47 In reality they're not after me,t hey are after you...(Q4903)

59.09 Listen on DA's office - so HRC law firm big NY by Schumer’s brother...said one of the big partners...who took a leave of office to work at DA for free. HRC law firm trying to prosecute Trump....

00.18 The law firm of Schumer’s brother working at the DA

00.50 How do you like my life? We've done a great job for America and this country!

01.08 If they do anything illegal...I hope we have the biggest protest in DC, NY, Atlanta - bc our country and elections is corrupt

01.44 Worse condition the country has ever been in

02.15 Biden is grossly incompetent - we would have had a deal with Iran and now they are being tough -

02.50 Watch what happens right after the Olympics -

03.15 Not one American soldier was killed under my watch

03.40 Parading all our equipment - they are a major arms dealer - night goggles - new helos

04.41 I would have kept Dignity and Grace

04.57 China nuclear plant

05.13 Left Bagram to the chinese to take over

05.41 They did leave the dogs

05.48 Incompetent government thru a rigged election – Belligerent Occupation LOW – One year after Belligerent Occupation the Military can come in and take over

06.02 The press is the Enemy of the People

06.11 We got 12 M more votes to press and press agreed

06.42 If we get 64m VOTES you can't lose

07.02 We're going to hell

07.07 Soon we won't have a country left

07.18 In 1 year

07.46 Our military is incredible not work generals they don't represent our country

08.06 They have a voting fraud bill - if you pass this you will never have a GOP elected

08.43 Zuckerberg 417M and they're dolling it out all over the country - most would get arrested

09.25 Need to pass Voter ID, Signature confirm, residency confirmation, . no more ballot harvesting that is what the law calls for … NESARA – New Elections

10.17 One day election! NESARA

10.50 Like a 3rd world country – Known for impoverished, tyrannical – GESARA helps the impoverished

10.58 Mid term victory

11.06 We need a landslide so enormous we can't have the democrats steal it

11.23 Get ready to work, fight and win like never before – IT IS WAR

11.37 Take back the House, Senate...We're going to take back America

11.53 In 2024 We're going to take the White House - Take that beautiful house – So what is happening at the WH and will there be a different on by 2024?

12.14 Stamped with phrase "Made in USA"

13.00 Trillions of dollars for damage they have caused - GESARA

13.14 Make sure government is NOT FOR SALE - GESARA

13.23 Free Speech again - Honest Press with Honest reporters

14.43 Judea Christian values of our nations founders and ban Critical Race theory

15.13 Soon has he came in and do unban it...if I decide to run and if we win

15.35 We will treat those ppl from Jan 6 - if requires pardons I will give them pardons - they were treated so unfairly. We will take care of ALL OF THE PEOPLE of this country - NESARA

16.26 We will fire the Woke Generals that only know how to lose - Foreign Wars

16.45 Ban men from participating in women's sports

17.52 MAGA movement greatest political movement in history of country

18.13 Stands for loving our country

18.22 Our Nation belongs to you!! NESARA

18.49 William Travis James Boey Davie Crockett - Alamo (last rally as POTUS) - Full Circle

19.43 "Come and take it" – Take the old dirty corrupt bankrupted corporation

19.53 Farmers, RAnchers, etc. we will never let communist movement take that away from us

20.31 FAith is lifting our souls – CLOSER TO GO!

20.50 My Fellow AMericans - journey

21.06 Talk about GREATNESS not talking the things we've been talking about – SIGNAL not noise

21.28 We want to talk about GREATNESS - SIGNAL

Hold On I'm Coming - Closing Song!









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A Frisbee
A Frisbee
03 feb 2022

Santa and Sammy- This one's for you!

Me gusta

03 feb 2022

MISSING YOU!!! I hope you and yours are well, but though I check many times a day, no new vids! We are ALL eagerly awaiting your return!!!!

Me gusta

03 feb 2022

I heard this song in my car this morning, made me think of the truckers! Then I heard this song and thought of cat turd! the little kiddos will like these videos. Sending lots of smiles and good vibes your way Santa and surfers!!

Me gusta

03 feb 2022

Just popped in to say hello , love you lots and sending Santa hugs. 🐿️🍃💐🍃🙏❤️🙏🇺🇸

Me gusta

03 feb 2022

Just reaching out to let you know, we love you, we are praying for you, and you are surrounded by love & light. Hope you're getting rest, we will be here when you return. God bless 🙏❤️

Me gusta
03 feb 2022
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Agree 💯% 🙏🇺🇸🙏🐿️

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