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Trump Agenda 47! Dr. Steven Greer truth about hidden secrets! Our world needs a miracle!

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January 10, 2023 - 118 House going Anon!

January 28, 2023 - Trump powerful Speech in NH February 10, 2023 - Trump Agenda 47 Announcement on Energy Independence

Mid February 2023 - Chatter about President Trump returning April 2023. February 12, 2023 - Tubi Commercial on the biggest NFL game day (won't say it because there is nothing super about it)

February 13 to present, 2023 - Dr. Steven Greer Documentaries are featured on Tubi. New ones added often: UNACKNOWLEDGED - 2017 CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE 5TH KIND - 2021

COSMIC HOAX - 2021 COUNTDOWN TO DISCLOSURE - 2021 ABOVE TOP SECRET - THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND DISCLOSURE - 2022 In short, Dr. Greer and a team of others, discuss the dire need to save our planet by use of the hidden / Quantum technologies. Some pragmatics want to know WHY and WHY hasn't it been released sooner? Half the world's population lives in poverty and the release of these hidden technologies will end that poverty and bring us a brand-new World and life! The biggest part of hiding these technologies is due to marco-economics. Big corporations do not want these technologies released because of the very reasons Dr. Greer discusses in these two clips below: From the video: COUNTDOWN TO DISCLOSURE - 2021

From the video: COUNTDOWN TO DISCLOSURE - 2021

It's always been about money and power for the deep state and their corporate cronies! From the video: ABOVE TOP SECRET - THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND DISCLOSURE - 2022

If you have time to watch his docuseries, it is so worth the time! February 21, 2023 - Trump Agenda 47 Announcement - Peace through Strength!

President Trump is on a mission! He will take down EVERY SINGLE bad guy / entity/ government agency / The Pentagon / and much more! This is a HUGE undertaking and at this time, with the dirty Justice / organization that has intentionally caused this world to suffer! It is so important to stand united and to WALK WITH GOD more than ever!





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