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Trump AZ Rally Speech! Grassley RSBN Comms! Don Jr 8 bullets! It's Done!

VIDEO 01/17/2022

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01/17/2022 comments below article


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President Trump's Rally Speech

00.40 25 miles

1.41 Big Lie is a bunch of BS

4.03 Fire the do nothing Senator

07.00 Rings

07.37 Human trafficking

09.22 Kim shooting missles again

09.37 Look at the people as far as the eyes can see

10.30 Thank you Right Side

11.17 Inflation crisis

12.12 85B equipment handed over to Taliban

13.11 Cars stretched out for 25 miles!

15.52 Evil or incompetent - Biden put mandates unconstitutional

16.33 300 Federal Judges - a lot different

17.04 H1N1 handled very badly

17.05 Fauci the king - CHECK MATE - Hanging by a thread

18.56 We are not taking it anymore

19.32 Leave our Children alone with their beautiful immune system! STRONG SYSTEM

19.50 Leave our businesses alone!

20.07 America's health choices

21.17 We have therapeutics that are so powerful and some ppl could call them cures

22.07 Testing companies are making a fortune

22.40 6th variant - least dangerous - bring our lives back

23.21 Biden - where am I

23.42 We love our Veterans - SALUTE

23.55 Good looking Veteran

25.43 Babies can be killed after birth

29.30 [somewhere in between he talked about world toughest country to deal with in USA]

30.12 Race based Covid / medicine - Gov Tyranny!

31.30 Professional Witch Hunt beater

34.30 Bunch of phony people

36.49 Why aren't they doing it to Antifa or BLM?

38.31 Showing illegitimate president video - Sue us - SUERONA hints on illegitimate president

41.27 Indefinite detention without charged. Being hounded !Jails are dirty!

41.55 Brutal lockdowns! People are forced to live like them.

43.42 Electric Chair

43.59 Whitewashed

44.10 Why did Pelosi reject ...

45.45 Why aren't they investigating Nov 3 ?

46.17 Jan 6 rally

48.31 Dems have a votings fraud bill

49.08 Unlock boxes

49.45 Harassed Auditors

49.57 You don't know what is going on back there

57.49 Paper ballots

1.00.06 Angel Moms

1.02.25 Got a teleprompter is useless

1.11.16 Epstein - Boris Epshtein

1.11.38 Rick Grennell

1.16.16 Cabal around Biden

1.16.30 All Biden had to do was GO TO THE BEACH

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Nancy Lee
Nancy Lee
Feb 20, 2022

Santa, I would have love to met you when you were in NJ. I crave the news that you share re our President. I would love to share with you (Private) the story how I was brought to US from So. Korea where American / Korean babies, children are hated.


While I am new to this party, I SO appreciate you and everything you do. I want to share a thought I had during President Trump's rally speech regarding "leave our children alone, they have strong immune systems". While he was saying that, he was patting his chest. Do you suppose he was telling us that he knows that the vaccines are affecting our children's hearts? Just a thought. Love you and your positivity! Keep shinning your light for all of us!


Jan 19, 2022

Hi Santa, I was busy with the truck and running loads so I missed a few episodes. I have no idea I made the cut. I cannot wait until this is over. The prices of fuel is NUTS!!!! Thank you and God bless.


I couldn't watch the video 🥺 it kept stopping saying something was wrong with the video. 🤨. I did catch a few things. & Can't wait till Everything is out in the open. So ready for this movie to end. A friend of my sister's, husband died. The hospital or whome, paid her 8G's to list it as a covid death. 🤯 He died of a heart attack. Guess they think they can get away with things if they pay ya off. So upsetting & sad. Ever since my 2nd mom died from the booster. I'm ready for them all to get brought down. So ready for Trump to be back in whatever capacity God wants him in.

Santa, thank…


Patriot Jake
Patriot Jake
Jan 19, 2022

Thanks Santa I missed this one yesterday because i was busy researching for the book.. But caught it and am going to watch today's next... I love you're heart when you do these podcasts i can sense how much you care for everyone of us... God Bless You...



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