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Trump calls out Fake news - Treason! Ever-not-so-grande! Biden Impeachment! Dog Comms!


Watch on UgeTube or Rumble. Rumble Videos takes a few minutes to post and will say "Private" while it is publishing.


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First Witness for Biden Impeachment Trial begins on Thursday! ARTICLE

Will this open the floodgates of exposing all his crimes and that of his cronies and puppet Obama and Pelosi, and Clintons, etc? Interesting timing for this Sept 25 Delta:


What does this mean for dirty Fall Street? Will there be a huge stock market Sell Off because those Evergrande bonds will become worthless? Meaning, will the banks need to sell their assets / positions in other stocks to make up for potential worthless bonds like Evergrande (EGRNF) bonds?

Remember earlier this year Credit Suisse risky bonds became worthless!

Is Basel 4 (a new regulation) biting these banks in the behind? Banks have to be accountable and can't use "I have assets to cover this investment" markers or "Trust me...Evergrande Bonds are worth billions" tactics as their asset, these banks must have liquid assets to use for investing, dollar for dollar. And if they don't then they need to sell their positions / assets.

Why are more bank branches closing down?

Banks have given so much CPR to Evergrande, there is nothing more to resuscitate!

Once Evergrande is officially kaput, done, gone, then Fall Street will implode!

US DEBT CLOCK HAS NEW FEATURES! (More to cover on next podcast):


TRUMP MESSAGES Last week, President Trump's post at 2:03PM (1403 Military Time)....Boss is coming in HOT!

1403 Military Timestamp of post = Q1403.

Sep 24 Deltas - These are comms based on the Month and Day:

President Trump went there...he's talking TREASON!

President Trump calls out Fake news as Criminals:

Will they go down for Treason? WarNuse posts on Criminal media people!

Rupert Murdoch went down. Fake news forgot to share Murdoch's scandal that got quashed by the FBI! Dan Scavino Dog Comm Post!


YOU'RE MAKING HISTORY! We are all so tired of this injustice, but good things to come to those that wait and wait with Faith and Joy! We have been given so much insight to what is happening without seeing the actual results. We have learned that President Trump does send us comms to give us assurances that things do happen behind the scenes! We have learned how to Count of God and not wait for Man.

We have learned that uniting together will make us all stronger!

And we must understand....this is a once in a lifetime experience! We will never ever see anything like this ever again! Should the justice become public (whether it be in a few hours or several more months), why now build your faith and joy. When you have joy in your heart, then God is pleased with you! Counting on his blessings is the most important thing to do!

One day when your kids or grandkids read about the Digital Soldier Information Warfare movement, they will not be able to put the book down...the book you all created of making history!

Then you can tell your stories of how you fought the bad guys...and did it on a volunteer basis!

You'll be known as the WARRIORS that helped change the world!

God and His Army (Military and YOU) are winning!



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