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Trump came out swinging again! Yuge Comms happening! Snowden! Xi! Markets tanking!


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President Trump dropped tons of comms referring to Q Posts: 749 - On Stage - Controlling the crops, controls the people (sheep) 1 - Hillary will be arrested 10/30/2017 - HRC extradition already in motion... 2 - Mockingbird - HRC detained (not arrested yet). 3 Letter Agencies. SCOTUS case on MI v Congressional approved agencies. POTUS not go on TV and must isolate himself. 3 - Rod/Bob were key players in U1 Scandal. POTUS has everything!

25 - Pelosi and No Name (JM). Proof to begin 11.3

26 - Military is the only way. 49 - Follow Grassley.

7 - Why Hillary wasn't prosecuted for emails? Obama ok'd it.

17 - Why Obama travel in advance of POTUS 9Trump) to foreign locations? How can MI be applied to prosecute bad actors and avoid corrupt agencies and judges? Shills and CIA.

40 - DJT Initials in numbers 4,10,20 and Alphabets 49 - Follow Grassley. See ChuckGrassley tweets - he is sending us a YUGE comm. 2 weeks to go!

8 - Huma husband in jail. POTUS installed ppl within each top spot at 3 letter agencies. 10 - FBI and MI open investigation into CF. Haiti. (hints to child trafficking). Good ppl were threatened. 286 - Deployment code. +4 in Q post - could it mean SCOTUS returning? Or something else BIG?

7 - Why Hillary wasn't prosecuted for emails? Obama ok'd it. 75 - By the time POTUS returns from worldwide trip, the world will be a different place.

52 - Review BO financial disclosure when submitted pre-D election camp. 80 - Alice & Wonderland. Snow White (Clowns). 149

78 12 - MI and Antifa plays right into the plan. Always ahead. 129 - CIA Closing Act. Dismantled. Impossible to Clean. Operations No Such Agency. 715 - [3] - Free Whistleblowing open source software 750 - Our attack on big pharma came w/ a warning letter today.

Message received. 4 - POTUS is 100% insulated. 500 - DEFCON 1. Fire & Fury. 22 - Who Controls NG? Clean and swift. 24 - Any person not seeking re-elections was put in submission. 23 - MI has same SAP (Special Access Program) as NSA, CIA etc as designated post 9-11. 50 - BIG DROP. Where is BO today?

1/100th - Search 1/100. Declass events. Fake news narrative about Q. 13 - Think about timing of POTUS to China / SK. 1/8 38 - 4 carriers and escorts in pacific? NG deployments starting tomorrow. FF. The Calm before the storm. (Notice that Q50 and Q38 have the same date).

92 - About Seth Rich mentioned because it directly relates to SA. JFK files released, LV 7 - Why Hillary wasn't prosecuted for emails? Obama ok'd it. More Trump Comms: From Chriss1007 on

WHY THE BIG FIGHT FROM THE LEFT??? They know they cheated! The left has nothing good to say about the idiot they voted that had to steal the election! Check out what Surfer John caught!!! You won't see American news reporters share this! Podcasters will share it but not the media!


MOVIE FROM ABOVE What if we looked at things at the 40,000-foot level? What if your loved one said they found the perfect home for you, so you ran a search on it and found this....and you were so upset because it wasn't what you were thinking of at all.

The building process takes time, the structure isn't something that can be rushed. When the final outcome is ready, then you can see the beauty of this older home!

Yet when you look up above, you can see the bigger picture. The old home is actually part of this beautiful community!!

If God takes cares of sparrows, you know He will take care of you! God is working with President Trump and the Military to take down the old guard and build the new one. Building back America and the rest of the world is not an easy project at all! Q has already given us the blueprint, we just wanted to rush to the last page...that is still not shown for that is our ultimate surprise.

God has already prepared that last page, it is our FAITH that will get us there!

45+JFKJr posted this gem on Truth.

God Bless you and thank you for sharing truth, love and joy!!


Keep your Faith in God!!!





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