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Trump huge comms! Tuesday? Bragg arrested? Israel is closed! Prepare for EBS!


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ISRAEL UPDATES Israel is almost shutdown. Shopping malls, schools, uiversities, national parks, museums, government offices. Doctors and Hospitals are only taking emergency cases. ALL BANKS ARE CLOSED.


AWESOME BOSSMAN! Interesting he is making his cuff link very visible in this photo! CUFF!

The crowd was huge!!!

President Trump arrived at Waco with his awesome flyover and came on the stage to deliver his powerful MAGA speech! His rally speech was focused on justice for the criminals and human scum and his retribution for the American people!

Q proofs - March 27 Marker about being on Hannity and today, President Trump is interviewed by Sean Hannity:

IS BRAGG GETTING BOOKED? Interesting the AP happened to film Alvin Bragg leaving the DA's office. But look who is escorting him and watch this clip to the very end:

Did Bragg get arrested?


Babylon is Falling! USGuardianEagle suggested to read the book of Daniel as to what is coming next! It truly is the fall of Babylon. Daniel was told (by God) that his people would have to wait 70 years to see Jerusalem return back to the way it was before. Interesting, because today, we are watching tons of news about Israel and Netanayhu. Also, it was 70 years ago that the evil monarchy had Queen E running it and the control she had over many other countries.

Part of Queen E running other countries, is that the UK had it's own stranglehold over the America and at least 33 other countries around the world. Now that she has passed and the commonwealth countries have been given a choice be independent from the monarchy, explains that the monarchy is now dead! President Trump's rally speech sounded like he took care of tons of business and the remarks he made tells me that many of the bad people got the GITMO penalty treatment.


SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THOSE THAT INSPIRE YOU AND TRUST IN GOD AND NOT IN MAN I pray each day knowing GOD will give the answers. I stopped counting on man or waiting for one person to return. God has never left us and He has always been there for us!





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