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Trump Indictment! Jacob Free! Austin Impeachment! Banks falling!


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Then Lloyd Austin had a hearing in Congress today...Ruh Roh!!!

But interesting...not one fake news MSM reported it at all! LIVE on CSPAN. CRICKETS!!! Then Jacob Chansley got his freedom today!

We need to pray for the other J6 Prisoners for their freedom!!!

Grand Jury voted for Trump Indictment!

Even with these letters, Bragg proceeded with the case. He had enough to toss it out, but he didn't! Both letters would exonerate Trump, but Bragg would not allow them!

Bragg is Toast! Bragg's stupidity is setting a precedent for other DA's going after Trump and for all the criminals that are yet to be arrested publicly!

Remember the crying liberals were laughing and mocking us when the baseless impeachments happened and then when those got shut down, they were silent!

Impeachment 1 Impeachment 2 Indictment ...REPEAT!!!

Makes me wonder...if Joe Biden has 9 Impeachments filed / Kamala Harris has 1 and fake news is completely ignoring all of this, then those silent moves behind the scenes are what are critical!







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