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Trump is on a Mission! Creeps want a biological war! Be prepared!

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TWITTER FILES LINK - January 3, 2023 - The FBI Belly Button TWITTER FILES LINK - January 9, 2023 - How Scott Gottlieb MD - a top Pfizer board member - used the same Twitter lobbyist as the White House to suppress debate on Covid vaccines, INCLUDING FROM A FELLOW HEAD OF FDA! TWITTER FILES LINK - January 12, 2023 - LIES ABOUT RUSSIAGATE TITTER FILES LINK - January 16, 2023 - How the pharmaceutical industry lobbied social media to shape content around vaccine policy.


Jakes Rant on Rumble is putting out some great information! Ozzy_Skateboard lightens the tension with his hilarious and truth memes! Adorable Animal TG Channel - BlazenAnimals - posts adorable animal video clips! AMC4ALL on TG has live chat shows on Mondays - talking stocks, markets and daily news!



April 2020 - President Trump pointed to Fauci and Birx and what they both told him to do...CLOSE DOWN THE ECONOMY! Since when do medical people become economists??

President Trump was livid at this briefing!

3 years later, this GITMOED Birx is now admitting she lied about the vaccines!

While millions of Truth Tellers were suspsended on major big tech platforms, 7 months ago, Birx admitted to manipulating data to deceive President Trump! This was intentional and these creeps that deceived Trump and the innocent people of the world contributed to horrid War Crimes!!! Genocide!!! Crimes against Humanity!

Government and fake government agencies (IRS) employees were in on this Scamdemic!

Surfers / Patriots and Anons have been talking about this for years!! But our channels / accounts got suspended!

Oh and lookey here....4 days ago...the FAKE NEWS is reporting a new strain of their "GREED VIRUS" is out! It was always about money and power and control!!!

FAKE NEWS is behind the Scandal of Covid and the SCAM-demic...the money scam to enrich big pharma and their minions of idiots! President Trump sounds like he is VERY ready to take action! The innocent lives around the world has had enough and we had NO ONE...NOT ONE leader pushing to help the people of the world...except for President Trump!

All of this and all those involved, induced, collaborated with the narrative will have to pay dearly! I am sure that most of the creeps are rotting in the GITMO cell and wondering if it was all worth it! Remember, in 2021, news broke about the Pentagon building a 2nd secret courtroom at GITMO to hold Military Trials for suspected terrorists. Based on that definition, most of these creeps would be considered terrorists!

WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!! Trump has had enough! If additional courtroom is needed for GITMO by mid 2023....doesn't that give us enough information about their fate?

President Trump changed his profile picture....first time EVER since he has become President. It's changed to a WARRIOR / RAMBO / FREEDOM picture with WARPAINT!!! This is WAR folks!!




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