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Trump lawyer & Garland talks raid! Yellen sides with middle class! JPM traders guilty!


Complimentary Notes (2) with each order of Pain Absolve and or Brain Fuel until August 13, 2022



EYES ON TRUMP LAWSUIT Against the Swamp and USA Inc. Trump V. HRC and Swamp Rats / USA Inc. - Case 2:2022cv14102

The Court allowed replies from the Swamp defendants to be extended to August 18, 2022.


Seaching website for this opening...the job description is different than the one displayed on the main page.

This page was posted (possibly hidden) since May 2022...months before the horrible bill passed! Yellen sides with the middle class Wednesday, August 10, 2022, Yellen sides with the middle class. In this article she directs IRS to NOT use any of the funds to audit small businesses and households that earn less than $400,000 a year.

Interesting, that this Special Agent job posting was the talk of social media and the fake news media claims it is brought to light because of Congress passing the Health Care and Climate bill happened this past weekend. While viewing the back pages of this This Special Agent job posting, it was up created May 2022, months before this bill passed. Now do you see how optics are necessary?

So what is the purpose behind the hiring of 87,000 Secret Agents?? Could it be that certain industries and businesses are getting investigated right now? JPM Traders found guilty of spoofing prices (for precious metals)

More to come!


Jack Posobiec reads a resignation letter / Diary post from Milley head (general Milley) when Trump was still in office. Is Journalism making a turn around?? got posted on Newsweek!!!

July 7, 2022 PepeLivesMatter post was featured at Times Square! Are Digital Soldiers the spotlight now??? WE NEED MORE PATRIOTIC PODCASTERS!



Remember Cowardly Comey offering Crooked Hillary to hammer her evidence / devices?

But they raided President Trump's home without notice after he was fully cooperating with authorities! Without all the documents to warrant a search warrant. And it was signed by Bruce Reinhart (an Obama and Eric Holder bestie)!

PRESIDENT TRUMP'S RAID is bigger than we can imagine! AG Merrick Garland spoke about it today and even stated that he approved the raid! Listen to his carefully worded message. Garland is defending the crooked FBI. Remember, he refused to tell the world how many FBI agents were behind the Jan 6 event! Compilation Video by Paul R and KanekoaTheGreat.

Now let's listen to Gateway Pundit's Editors / Writers interview President Trump's attorney, Christina Bobb as she was at Mar-a-Lago during the raid. Bobb emphasizes the importance of having an Affidavit and Supporting documents to support the search warrant. Garland never mentioned they had the affidavit! An attorney, Techno_Fog, posted this:

This raid is bigger than we can imagine! President Trump posted the headline from WaPo referencing the Presidential Records Act. Timestamps of Trump's Truths are 2126 and 2127

Do you see the plot twist? Surfers, Patriots and Anons see the bigger picture and it is up to us to help others along the way!!!

____________________________________________________________________________ Keep your Faith in God!!!





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