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Trump nominated Nobel Peace Prize! SA and Iran joined BRICS! More TRUMPSARA signs!


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PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE MIDDLE EAST During President Trump's Presidency (in the public eye from 2017 - 2021)...he made his world tour and had nations submit to peace deals and Greatness for the people. These were the first acts towards establishing GESARA!

Two additional nations joined BRICS, Saudi Arabia and Iran. At the UN in 2018, President Trump gave a powerful speech and called out the tyrannical leadership of Iran, which shocked world leaders and years later, Iran joined BRICS:

GROK questions on

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In 2020, President Trump accomplished a HUGE peace agreement....the Abraham Accords!

“The Abraham Accords were based on a simple premise: that diplomacy and communication would promote greater stability, prosperity, and hope. Today, we can say with great confidence that the premise was correct.

"We are building a brighter future together by expanding opportunities for our peoples, and people across the region.

“Over the past two years, our belief in peace has seen us achieve countless milestones. We have turned plans into concrete action, and developed a thriving relationship to help us accomplish our shared strategic objectives. We will continue this work as we deepen the Accords, and spread their inclusive vision of a regional community for progress.”

—Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan (15 September 2022)

PRESIDENT TRUMP NOMINATED FOR THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!! The other times he was nominated, it was to bring attention to President Trump's great accomplishments, yet under a very liberal leadership, others won. Now, President Trump is nominated again and in my humble opinion, it will happen that he will Win this Nobel Peace Prize!

God sure has surprises for by day! Sometimes it pays to wait for God. Some of my best surf days were when I didn't catch as many waves, but just sat on my board waiting for the right one. Sometimes you have beautiful surprises along the way and you are out there with God, you and your surfboard. Waiting on God to give you that incredible ride of your life. Waiting for Him to answer your prayers. Waiting for Him, is a sign of patience!

As we wait for God to share more goodness, we keep a great relationship with Him! Walking with Him...and enjoying each Moment with Him!



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