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Trump on offense! Fall Street - Fauci - FBI!

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

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FRAUDCHI IS NOW GETTING HEAT - he needs to go down publicly for genocide! (Excuse her language in this clip):

Get that rat dweeb out of the way!



President Trump has been talking about Crossfire Hurricane for years now! The of the dirty media simply ignores this, yet President Trump spells it out in this clip...calling it TREASON!

Guess who else was a part of Crossfire Hurricane? Yes, you guessed it...Joe Biden! The infamous January 5, 2017 meeting that Obama ("Loser Barry") had with Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Yates, Rice and yes...Biden! This secret scandalous meeting happened just 2 days after the 115th Congress was sworn in!

Planting a scheme to take down President Trump by planting devices, spying on the Trump administration is Treason and a huge danger to our National Security!

Rice emails herself with a timestamp of 12:15 PM on Trump's Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017. This document would fall into the records of President Trump and not loser Obama. Rice's admission of Biden being present, involves Biden to be a part of Treason!

3 years later, President Trump addresses the dirty FBI plot to frame General Flynn and spy on Trump. President Trump calls them scum, human scum!

Then the raid at Mar-a-lago that includes the dirty media and Dow Jones to intervene on the case for they want access to the documents that was taken from Mar-A-Lago. Thinking out loud, since President Trump is still the President of the Republic America and housed at a former government building, Mar-a-lago, yet now owned by Trump (Trump purchased it in 1985), then did the FBI raid happen to raid the country's command center? Is this even legal? The dirty FBI and justice system plays very dirty!

I take it this Tony Gonzales may have tipped off the intervenors (media, Down Jones, etc) and now Judge Reinhart is redacting the documents!

Two days ago, John Durham hires on new attorney...a RICO attorney! Remember, President Trump wants these documents released, so why is the dirty justice system redacting them?

So now President Trump has an arsenal of information ready to take action and posted this on his Il Donaldo account:


So now we know Biden was a part of Crossfire Hurricane and the treasonous acts of spying on President Trump was part of Biden's agenda. Now that Biden is the public eye president, will he now go down for Treason? We know Loser Barry pardoned a ton of his dirty cronies that he opted not to share the complete list, so did some of these dirty filthy swamp monsters have to re-commit newer crimes to take criminal and legal action? Conversely, when the truth about Loser Barry comes out as being an illegitimate president, then all he signed and pardoned would be void! TRUMP'S HUGE WINS

Q1515 exposing the media for their ties:

The President Trump is providing more comms:




Biden Bailed out Ukraine and now Big Banks! Why did the banks get a bail out? Are they in deep trouble? Are they in so much debt because they no longer have criminal enterprise money flowing through their balance sheets (i.e. money laundering, drug trafficking money, dirty manipulation of USD and precious metals)? Remember, JPM traders are found guilty!

Biden did give student loan forgiveness which gives the big banks some relief, but is it enough? The students that paid off their student loans are asking, what do I get and people without a degree (Democrats) are livid that they are getting nothing!

When will the Democrats and Liberals learn that Biden doesn't care about them / people / America first...he only cares about helping his criminal buddies and his pedo son and self! Back in 2016, the real Biden calls the president of Ukraine, Poroshenko and threatens him if he asks for help from the Trump Administration!

Just a few headlines to understand where we are headed:

Carl on Squawk with Mark Zandi:

Jim Cramer gets trolled:

So, if this all a script, whose script, is it? The Media? The White Hats? Are we really seeing the big media and Wall Street implode organically? That they don't know about the movie plot of our path to Greatness and that they are scrambling to survive. President Trump is a developer / builder! For anyone in the building industry, isn't it much easier to implode an existing building and build brand new than to fix each floor one at a time?

The media and dirty Dems / RINOs are falling apart and without ZuckBucks and other big bucks supporting the dirty candidates, the dirty deep state plays other tactics such as placing Swatting calls to MTG home. This is a very dangerous scheme and the police and possibly swat teams can come raid into an innocent person's home with prank calls like this!

Monkeypox, unicorn virus and nothing is working this time around. FBI is getting caught and they are not getting the crowd support that they once now the dirty low lifes resort to acts of violence on sitting members of Congress?

The Dems / RINO's know they are losing BADLY! So what happens in November? Millions newer America First supporters flock to the polls to vote for America First candidates? They are not looking at party lines, but at helping America First!!!


We are all tired and some are just drained. Then posts like this just inspire new hope!

Miracles like this can happen to all of us! Leaning on God and trusting only in Him is our answer! Yes, we witness periodic wins and while the people of the world is still fighting (some in Western EU are even fighting for their water rights), we must keep leaning on God to help us get through this! I prayed as MrsMcNursebot's husband did and got such a peaceful night's sleep knowing God will take care of YOU and the things happening in YOUR life. Being grateful for everything makes God smile and pleases Him!


Keep your Faith in God!!!





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