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Trump Photo at White House! Cowboys for Trump - Cowboy Up!




Remember Dan Scavino dropped lots of hints on January 2, 2021. Just before the 1/6/2021 rally that turned out to be a FBI / Capitol Hill Police disaster that the dirty cops planned!

President Trump and his team were fully prepared! Clips of Scavino posts.

Talk about having a strategy for any given situation. It sure looks like President Trump had his master Chess Game face on!

Meme made by BadAssBomb

Cowboys for Trump said what?? Oh brother....he needs to do his research!! Be a man and Cowboy up! Every single conservative has had been banned or faced consequences.

Our own Military lost their lives, lost limbs, lost their benefits and would have probably challenged you!


So what did happen behind the scenes?

President Trump posted this statement last week. We covered a few of them, but I wanted to bring to light some proofs of the others:

What did happen behind the scenes?

Lisa Page even mentions going to Girly Gitmo:

Other Swampsters such as RR who hasn't tweeted in over a year and Brennan who has not been in the media limelight for awhile and Casper (Clapper) and pics of others:

Casper disappears from his interview when a tough topic hits him!


Why we fight:

Now that we understand more about Devolution, SilverGate mentions this:

President Trump is STILL our President! With that, there are many things that happen behind the scenes today.

First, this WH photographer got a photo of President Trump at the White House:

And these messages are in the replies!

Translated from Latin to English: 76 News: The Weather (Storm) is upon us

SilverGate: Pray for us

Please pray for SilverGate, 76 News, our White Hats, Military, President Trump. Big things do happen behind the scenes and when we stay united, we can all fight the upcoming battle. What battle? The resistance battle. The battle of the evil people that do not want the good to come back and out.

Our Bossman has never let us down!



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Opinion piece.


4 kommentarer

Eileen Machida
Eileen Machida
26 okt. 2021

I bet there is something going on in the Pacific NW, because IMO there is weather warfare going on in Washington state and California (funny the storm skipped Oregon, except Portland). It is wet here but no big deal in the southern part of the state.

Nancy Kerner
Nancy Kerner
26 okt. 2021

Aloha Eileen! I had the same thought as you did about the weather. I've moved to Central Washington and we had some rain, but nothing major. Looking forward to this Plandemic ending soon bc I usually spend 1-3 months every winter in Hawaii and miss it. Stay Safe and Strong as we watch the "public" arrests coming any day now. Grateful for Santasurfing and the Patriots!! Blessings to you!


Nancy Kerner
Nancy Kerner
26 okt. 2021

You are loved and we appreciate you so much! You are a Global Experience that will remain in our minds, hearts and souls long after this amazing, albiet challenging chapter in the story is over. Bless your beautiful body temple with complete healing now. And So It Is. Thank you!😎


Always remember that more than 80 million people have anxiously waited for this moment. We support, cheer and pray for our POTUS and all our brave military and the thousands of brilliant minds behind The Storm. Our Lords is always with us and specially in this unbelievable moment in history!

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