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Trump roaring speech! RINO's and Joe gets boo'ed!

Trump's speech - Donald J Trump Rumble:



Election Integrity

America Had so much oil

Gas is at 3.83 now

Unfair election in our country - Everyone including Big Tech knows it

Other states are starting their own audits

Crime of the century is being fully exposed (55:30)

When they steal (the election) and rig it...we have to fight (59.40)

Joe - The Cabal campaign (1:05:00)

Hunter Biden getting half million - could you imagine if "my kids" did that? - It's a Bribe...100% bribe. (1:05:50). Fake news media is talking about it.

Laptop from Hell (1:06:45)

They blame Russia for the laptop. It's never's always Russia. They're (cabal) getting rich from China, not Russia.

American pipeline stopped - They are destroying our country!

Wished Mike Pence had the additional courage (1:26:00)

We are beyond socialism (1:34:36) - We have no press - We have no voice

Green new deal is the Green new bullsh*t.(1:35:35)

Whatever happened to cows? You know why....People will be next.

Weak republicans are worse than democrats ...they're going be defeated in the primaries.

Certifying elections where the numbers are fraudulent.

More votes than there are voters.

They (Dems) cheated in so many different ways.

I am not the one trying to undermine American democracy...I am the one that is trying to save it! (1:37:50).

Our country is being destroyed by people who have no right to destroy it...ppl that won the election illegally! (THIS IS SO BIG).

Joe Biden I don't think it's him (1:38:38).

We're going to end Joe Biden's disaster border crisis...(1:54:30)

We will restore our southern border.

Big step to do it...Insurrection act.

Big Tech is engaged in illegal censorship.


We live by the words "IN GOD WE TRUST"

We will have victory after victory!

We're fighting for God, for country and ...Freedom!

RINO's getting Boo'ed off stage...RINO AZ State Senator Michelle Ugenti (R), is so upset with the crowd, when she walks off the stage, she walked into the curtain! EEEKS!

Joe's crowd chants "Impeach Joe"

I have much more to report and will do so in tomorrow's show.

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Michael Smith
Michael Smith
30 июл. 2021 г.

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