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Trump's calls out deep state! Trump working hard behind the scenes! Brilliant plan!



Oahu will impose Vaccine passports for restaurants, etc. Hawaii will turn into a mini Venezuela. Oh and let's look at the horrid style this Honolulu Mayor treats his constituents!

Now let's watch how he "listened" to them (NOT)!


Woah...did he really call out the deep state???

Il Donaldo got suspended from YouTube and now...VIMEO!!! What is big tech so afraid of???

Pains Angels an excellent video podcaster shared a series of videos...all combined in one clip. This was posted by on his he dropping great sauce!!!

PAINS ANGELS clips sums most everything up!


The STING OPERATION already happened and it's going to hurt those that are still free or with ankle bracelets!!!

Actual incident...the bees were added by SandyCee for affects

Q Posts often about the Election - THIS IS NOT ANOTHER 4-YEAR ELECTION

So what does the big pharma, medical industry, government and administration do...impose unconstitutional things and telling the public it is a mandate or a law. How can you mandate something that is not a law? How big will this take down be? Will the corrupt local governments go to prison for imposing their "mandates' against the will of the people?

They get us distracted by the tyranny and the fighting and yelling!!! They want this to happen. Most of our fighting is because how their mandates will affect lives and livelihoods!

They want you dependent on them, so they can control you. Collect government subsidies and now requiring vax to get access to certain things!!!

Interesting how the initial symptoms for covid are very similar to Vitamin D deficiency and or lack of natural air/ oxygen! What did they tell us to do, stay indoor and wear a mask!!!

Will the corrupt doctors go down? The mayors and governors? Will the teachers and all of those that forced a mandate on a total SCAM and knew it, but just played along with it?

What about lawyers and judges knowingly making wrong decisions or poor consultation?

WE THE PEOPLE WILL KEEP FIGHTING!!! Because we need to! Our fight for freedom is not free...but when you stand strong together, you will win!!! One of the things I do to get some of my frustration out was formerly surfing and swimming, but now it is being around positive surroundings and even those that will make you laugh!!




He needs our prayers more than anything right now!! He had to stay behind the scenes to roll out the goodness for humanity!!!

While we pray for our President, please pray for each other. We need to keep our spirits and vibes positive. Take time for you and your journey in this life.

Take time to spend with those you love dearly and make new friends along the way!!! And take time with yourself. Self time can be so healing!!!



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Hi: I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and I thoroughly agree with your comments on "Diagnosis." In 1910 Dr. Robert C. Cabot, of St. Margret's Hospital in Boston did a research project comparing the autopsy reports of patients with the diagnosis prior to death and found that only 49% of the diagnoses were correct. He published an article about it called, "Diagnostic Errors in Medicine: A Case of Neglect." In 1991 (If I recall correctly) the study was redone and it was found that diagnosis had improved to 51%. So in diagnosis, would it be true that you have the same chance of correct diagnosis from your doctor as flipping a coin? D. D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic stated,…


Unfortunately, us in NSW, Australia are in lock down and we can't spend it with friends!!! So many still asleep here. We need MSM media to be taken down to wake them up 😥


Thank you Santa Surfing and Sammy for your beautiful faith!💗💕❤️👍🙏🙏🙏

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