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Trump's New Site - Gettr! Rumsfeld / AMC / Assange / Trump Org 5D chess

Updated: Aug 3, 2021



In short, voting laws remain and the left is spinning it as "minorities voting rights taken away..." How is this a minority issue? Let's see, how many minorities voted for Trump? They won't mind this ruling to be upheld?

Oh but the ding bat fake news needs a dictionary, they mistaken minority with illegal aliens. Interesting because if a person wants to cash a government subsidized check, they have no problem showing identification for this, but if they will go to vote, they suddenly lost their ID's?

Why is this big? Because the Arizona Audit report will be released and it will expose the fraud. Tick Tock election fraudsters!!!



President Trump's New Social Media Site is up

Some are having no difficulty signing up and many others cannot get signed up. I am waiting to get signed up.

President Trump promised a new social media site by July 4 and he has kept his promises again!!! No more censoring!

So how big is this move? VERY BIG!!! While Twitter is the place for liberals to hang out, they along with their fake news media peeps...miss us conservatives! The media's ratings are plummeting down 70% - 80%...they are pointless. Fake news and the social media trolls / liberals feast on spewing hate with no facts to back up their pointless spewing. So Twitter may be very boring for them right now.

Interesting timing, because when this video was circulating on Twitter and Telegram, Twitter immediately had glitches. And then viola, GETTR is born!! Check out this Free Julian Assange video from the Government of Australia!

The point made by the Australian government, is Julian is a reporter / journalist, and he should not be treated like this. Julian Assange had deep dark information on most of the vile, corrupt people of our country and was simply exposing them!

Now after almost a decade of Julian being locked away and silenced, the Australian government suddenly has a change of heart? This is great news for Julian, but is it sending a stronger message for all other reporters / whistleblowers that have shared so much truth and are silenced temporarily or permanently.



It was never ever brought up again. While America faced Bush false flag of 9-11, Rumsfeld and his corrupt cronies gets away with trillions!



Meme by Bad Ass Bom

The CFO pled not guilty. So let me see, the corrupt justice system indicts the Trump Organization for what sounds like more of an audit issue rather than a criminal matter, yet, they let the hundreds / thousands of corrupt corporations that have laundered money for drug cartels; manipulated the price of stock / previous metals to enrich themselves; not ever get an audit; gets fined but not prison ANY OF THIS EVEN FAIR?

With charges like these banks and these executives get away with fraud and even admitting to the fraud, when the Trump Organization has a tax issue, that could have been handled via the IRS Audit?

Is President Trump allowing the justice to system to go this far to:

1) Let the justice departments slip and fall and get trapped for bias or unfair investigations and;

2) Begin arresting and charging the shiester companies that avoid taxes and commit fraud?

This case about the Trump Organization is going back 15 years. Okay, now the justice department has to have a level playing field. What happens when the liberals r us favorite liberal company is charged for the same thing and going back 15 years, what will they say? They can't say squat!

I see this as a huge chess move of what is happening (that we don't see). President Trump's 5D chess moves! He always wins and he'll make it hurt his opponents along the way!

Then this is announced just now:

Do you see the 5D chess move play? How everything, every news is timed perfectly?



Our Bossman is getting ready and prepared. He is coming back. I'm excited to hear what he will say on July 3.

What other big news will break?

Ladies and Gentlemen all around the world...




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Opinion piece.

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