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Trump's no star flag comm! Weird Lizzy funeral! GESARA comms again!


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WORLDWIDE FINANCIAL MARKETS UPDATE Rumble Rumblings today! Initial Public opening day and the stock is up nearly 40%! Dirty Fall street will do anything to make this stock or TMTG/DWAC stock tumble because they are MAGA / Trump Supporting stocks! Imagine that! In my humble opinion, TMTG / DWAC has been waiting over 100 days for a filing to get approved by the regulators and the regulators are purposely delaying it so that it would force the stock to stay stagnant. Rumble is out the gate and let's see how much they will try to hammer this stock! Rumble has nothing but good news about its growth.


President Trump's Rally was so good and from the heart and so informative! His closing remarks played the Q song - WWG1WGA song!

Then when he exited, we saw a flag with no stars. I will share my opinion of the no white star flags at the end of this podcast.

The media is freaking out about his rallies and pointing to Qanon (rather than saying Q or anon):



No Red Carpet and the World leaders had to wait in a line!!!

Then this happened...a Cardinal's piece of paper slipped out.

Let's not forget Bush Sr. funeral and the swamp rats got their envelopes:

This is incredibly weird!

My thoughts are this funeral was the end of their empire! The sadness in everyone doesn't seem to stem from the passing of a 96 year old leader, but the closing down of their regime!

Remember what SwampFoxSC and Raffa posted:

Interpretations of the Missing Stars on the American flag:

Then President Trump via his Il Donaldo account posted this gem: "She loved the King!!!"

President Trump has now made 2 admissions of being the King!!! This all ties in with everyone that has studied GESARA and that Trump is the King of all nations!


God Bless you and thank you for sharing truth, love and joy!!


Keep your Faith in God!!!





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