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Trump's Project 2025! Whistleblowers at Congress! Trump at Bedminster!


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July 8, 2023 President Trump talking Blizzard, is that what is coming...another form of a storm?

That same day, Jul 8 Q Delta:

Following that day, we are still witnessing the corruption run wild with the Biden family:

And we are not seeing the justice, like we hoped. But what happened since July 8, 2023?

1) Hollywood went on strike meaning the "actors" are silenced.

2) Wray perjured himself.

3) Epps admits in his own lawsuit that the DOJ will charge him for J6. 4) Pfizer plant torn down by a tornado! 5) The financial markets are putting more lipstick on that pig.

FINANCIAL MARKET NEWS: While the markets are up, there is hidden news about the market that the Big Banks would like to keep silent:

$200B exits JPM in one year!

The news won't tell you that Gold and Silver is up from one month ago:


Welp, Garland did not deliver and there is about the Garland being in contempt! The more the world learns more about Biden corruption, the DOJ finds a new reason to indict President Trump! 7) IRS Whistleblowers testified at Congress today. This clip summarizes what should have happened to the Bidens:

So why isn't anything happening to the DOJ/FBI/ Jack Smith/ all the dirty top brass justice peeps? Is it to SHOW THE WORLD just how corrupt they really are?

What is Trump's plan? To obliterate the deep state and fire all the dirty justice people!

How will this work? Well, Maddow is having a complete meltdown over this NYT article about Project 25. What is it?

This is incredibly huge! On the day President Trump or any other Republican, is inaugurated, they will have the one power to take down and control Law Enforcement Agencies (like the DOJ / FBI), control commerce under the FTC and control Congress' spending and can refuse to spend money appropriated by Congress!

Now that we know President Trump is in control of many nations worldwide, he will enforce Project 2025 to be in control of dirty government, agencies and industries!

This is so massive and in the grand scheme of things, this is so worth the wait!

When this happens, this is truly giving power back to YOU...the people! The liberals may not like it because they will see it as one person in control, but believe you me, if this were a Democrat winning massively in the polls and knowing their favorite Karen or Ken will be in the White House, they would support this with every liberal woke agenda! But it's not, it's President Trump, a Republican and fighter for the everyday people! An anti-woke person that is fighting to give us our God given rights back to us!

This is definitely an incredible first step into Greatness!!! And all the more reason President Trump retruthed the Nations that submitted to Trump video!

Hang in there...when the White Hats talk about White Hats are in control, they truly are in control!

Thank you for being a strong Child and Warrior for God!


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