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Trump's Rally highlights! Michigan! God takes care of you!

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Screenshots below:



AnneiH on Twitter got a screenshot of the MI of course the dirty election fraudsters changed it.

Fake news cannot get their lies in sync with the alleged election results:

When President Trump talks about taking back the House and Senate, remember the down ballots and how those Federal, State and Local democrats got allegedly "elected" because of election fraud. When all the audits are out with the true results, will that eliminate all of those dirty votes?

Seeing the bigger picture.

May 2021, President Trump statement mentions he only needs 2 states, what if the 2 states he wins through audits reveals he is the rightful winner (we all know he won), then will the decertification process begin? Then would it be one representative for each state votes for President Trump? He mentioned he got 34 states at his rally, does this mean he knows he has 34 states locked in when the decertification takes place?

Did you know that the Constitution Article 1 Section 2 states:

If that is the case, then there should be 10,984 Representatives and not 438. How many years have we NOT lived up to this balance? DECADES!!



Many of you gave up something to be a digital soldier. Some have lost loved ones along the process.

God doesn't overlook your efforts from results.

We may not see the results you would want to see, but they are the results that God has planned for us.


Many are losing faith and are someone scared of what is to come. Jobs are a big factor and this site may be one of many places to seek a Jab Free Job.

If you are a professional or business owner that may need assistance, part time or even for one gig, there is plenty of talent. If you are someone that may get terminated from your job because you refuse the vax, then post your experience and what YOU WOULD LIKE to do.

Think outside of the box in both cases.

But most of all, let God direct your steps! He will help you!



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