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Trump's Rally is all about GESARA! Farmers are the foundation of NESARA! Surfers' huge nod!

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Before I begin to share the wonderful things about President Trump's Iowa Rally speech, I want to share a little bit more about NESARA / GESARA and what is is all about. All my videos for this has been removed and deleted from YouTube and we are working on uploading most of my past videos on Rumble.


The Origins of NESARA - National Economic Security and Recovery Act.

Gold is solid and stable. In the 1930's FDR took our Gold! Demanded it or people would get arrested, fined and even sentenced! We were at the mercy of the Federal Reserve that was controlled by the cabal. They managed to manipulate the currency while they enriched themselves. Talk about insider trading at a macro level! They bet against the dollar and they can control the value of the dollar...they make money, the non-elites suffer. Then this USD value has a domino effect with markets around the world.

Fast forward to June 4, 1963, President Kennedy signed an Executive Order. In short, it was an order for the Treasury to issue certificates backed by silver bullion, as well to mint silver dollars that would be considered money. Unfortunately, this EO didn't and couldn't get enforced sparking that the Federal Reserve (possibly) was part of the plan to assassinate Kennedy on November 1963.

In the 1970's the Farmers had their land illegally taken from them! They found an attorney(s) that found a legal loophole in the 14th Amendment Section 4:

In the late 1990's, the Farmers won and they were supposed to get compensation for their land that they lost. In the millions.

Fast forward to October 10, 2000, Bill Clinton refused to sign NESARA into law. The military special operations intervened and it was signed into law. Yet there was a caveat, dirty Bill required the Farmers were to pay $300 to apply for their compensation and many Farmers could not afford to pay that application fee.

Fast Forward to September 11, 2001, Bush Jr. was set to announce NESARA as law at 10 am. However, Papa Bush moved into the White House two days before this date and prevented Bush Jr. to enact it. Instead, the dreadful day of September 11, 2001 happened instead. With the use of holograms or drone devices appearing to look like these Twin Tower, Building 7, Pentagon crashes occurred due to airplanes, many of us know that is not the case.


Today, President Trump has the courage and power towards many elements in we are witnessing the current events now. The evil cabal is making so many efforts to create false flags, and attempts to take down President Trump and have failed miserably!

Now we are witnessing every single day...Our Country will be one Nation Under God!

Fairness, Constitutional, Unity, Freedom of Speech, Power to the People!

A world I have never lived in all my life! We did not know the extent of the corruption until the internet. And even then, many of us still didn't know because the various search engines were manipulated.

Twitter and other social media entities suspending voices that are not suited for the agenda they support. Many liberals do not get suspended so they would not know. But for our Constitutional rights to be stifled, shackled and removed has been so wrong! Many of the courts favored the fat cats and big companies for these companies may have lined the pockets of corrupt judges. The middle class disappeared slowly after President Reagan. The majority of American people, did not stand a chance battling with the huge corporations.

Our President is dusting off the some Executive Orders and or Laws that would benefit us or create safety for us, and he is using the laws and orders from the very corrupt presidents and politicians to Make us a Greater Nation!

This event is happening World wide!

It appears we are headed towards a Constitutional Law and Government.

UPDATED October 11, 2021: We learned the USA Inc. is now a defunct corporation.

NESARA was signed under the USA Inc.

However, President Trump is taking action to make NESARA his own by standing up to the Constitution.

Even First Lady Melania Trump tweeted this last year:

President Trump's speech was all about Farmers, Constitutional everything and even mentioning "appointing over 300 judges...". 300 is more than any President has ever appointed in 1 or 2 terms!

So let's dive into some of his speech highlights!

The importance of Grassley...ready:

And What happened on October 10, 2021?


President Trump is taking back our Constitution and our Country:

Please keep praying for President Trump, our Military and his teams...



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Opinion piece.


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Deneze .C. Lujanen
Deneze .C. Lujanen
18 de out. de 2021 and the ones you see walking around are clones


Manuel Perez
Manuel Perez
18 de out. de 2021

Everything sounds and looks so good. But either the good will be delayed by still experiencing some more suffering in our society or this is a lost cause being kept alive to keep hopes up. I am a Communist survivor, i lived it, most of you have not. This is the way it started and never got any better. For years I heard Americans brag "Naaah, it will never happen here" Well, sadly enough it is already here and going full blast and as iin the old Country it never got better, it grew and got worse and it is still there after 60 + years. So who is going to fix the future of America? Better do it…


Deneze .C. Lujanen
Deneze .C. Lujanen
13 de out. de 2021

hey Santa, i know this is sort of off topic,but Andrew Cuomo is getting his just desserts in Gitmo.. he had his day in court but evidence so over welming..he murdered 10s of thousands of seniors and put them in cold storage until they died..then delivered to Hart Island for mass burials.. Cuomo one sick fkr

Manuel Perez
Manuel Perez
18 de out. de 2021
Respondendo a

how do you know he is in Gitmo. He is walking freely in NYC


12 de out. de 2021

Aloha~ Oahu here! Dang GLAD to be 'awake' to witness our transformation into fairness & ethical ways AWAY from the current rigged systems. Now at our pivotal point, excitement peaks, awaiting the final PUSH through darkness to RELEASE our shackles once and for all! Looking forward to what follows-- our global 'repair & maintenance' efforts focused on healing OUR CHILDREN & revealing our REAL truths/history, then becoming master builders of our DREAM communities and new world-scape. Love & light to ALL!

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