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Trump's Rockin Speech! Faith pleases God!



Even young children, our future generations, love President Trump. This beautiful girl was watching the CPAC speech and she even sings the song Proud to be an American.


President Trump gave one of the most dynamic speeches I have ever heard and his comms were very clear! His speech covered just about every single topic and swamp rat out there!

Some highlights are on Ildonaldo's Telegram page:

1:20:34: 1776, not 1619

President Trump even said Boom Boom Boom

President Trump did mention the Georgia Election case is in court now! He only needs two states to flip.

This speech definitely catered to the conservative democrats, the liberals that are seeing Joe destroying America and now the fear of Joe leading America into communism. He truly pointed out the Democrats of today and many citizens that voted Democrat, have voted because of their loyalty to that party. But with the damage that is happening now, this speech was to help open their eyes. For President Trump did not talk about how great the Republicans are, for he named RINO's, so this was brilliant because a loyal party democrat may think or say, wow, Trump worked so hard to fight for us not just his party.

Are you seeing the bigger picture?

Now there was a pamphlet passed out at CPAC and I will hold off on reporting on it, for it mentions reinstating President Trump through back channels. In my humble opinion, President Trump walks through a Front Door through front channels and will return roaring like a lion with an entire army of patriots cheering for him! It's the reveal of the audits that we all need to see.

With those audit results and court cases for election fraud, this will determine the fate of our country. President Trump never conceded. President Trump never said he was running in the future, it is because...he never lost...Trump Won!

President Trump's comm on 1776 not 1619:

President Trump about 1619 as he rolled out the 1776 Commission.

Q1619 tells us that the left is trying to normalize horrible acts.

These leftist praise communist countries and they want the left side to believe communism works, but it doesn't. Cuba is now revolting against decades of suppression and communism. They are in desperate need of jobs, food, aid, and medicine. The media is turning this story around and saying their protesting because of Covid vaccine, but that is not true. The people of Cuba need our prayers.

Our Battle is about Good vs Evil; Love vs. Hate. It is unfortunate, but their hate outweighs their logic. It's much like an abused person being surrounded by a loving family. They may show signs of hate or may try to stir the pot. Yet the loving family only knows how to love and they are not used to the yelling and hatred in their homes. The person that has been so misused and abused, may not remember the last time they were truly loved...if ever at all.

There are times that we may feel so defeated because evilness and hate is constantly laughing at us. Or our own family is laughing at us. We may walk with our heads so low and wonder, when will this ever end?

Is this because God is allowing this to happen at a particular time of our life? So we are so down and in despair and feel so defeated. Some may even quietly cry themselves to sleep. You may think, I try my best to do good every single day, yet why am I feeling so defeated? Or when you are suddenly laid up because of a sudden cold or ache. Has it ever occurred to you that this may be our Lord God trying to get our attention?

This is the time we put all our Trust in God and not in man. God wants us to call upon Him all the time. That is what he WANTS to do and LOVES to do. He wants to be needed and He wants us to share those glorious moments with Him and to be thankful!

He wants to talk with you:

God wants to celebrate your joys:

You are God's child, not matter your age:

God has never left you:

God was invited back to the White House when President Trump took office and He is working non-stop with President Trump:

Some have even said that they haven't been a religious person, until recently. This may be God's way of getting people to turn to Him.

The left may not openly reach out to us, but maybe they are struggling with what is Good and what is not. The brainwashing takes so much time to cleanse and they may be leaning more towards our Lord God in Heaven, yet still putting up a front of being harsh.

Imagine how our Lord God feels when we cry to Him for help and neglect Him when good things happen. He wants to be our Friend always!!

Let the young child in you come out and cry, be playful, know that our Lord God has the perfect plan for you and your Countries. We need God and each other more than ever! If you have a prayer, ItaliaGurl on Telegram has a channel just for prayers.

Most of you are givers and you love to give. This is the time that God wants to give to you...let's embrace it!!

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