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Trump's Social Media!! Bombs Away!!

Complimentary Constitution Booklet with every order up through 10/24/2021. Booklet is sent separately and ships out the following Tuesday.



This will be live for a national rollout first quarter of 2022. Beta launch is in November 2021. One cannot register a handle as of yet. You can only register your name and email.

Even Jack on Twitter (of whoever is handling this account) posted a meme.

Oh so sorry dirty big may not be invited to President Trump's kick butt reindeer games!! Bumble will kick you out!!!

No more tracking President Trump through geo tracking. No more censoring Trump Supporters and conservative voices!!! No more blocking the truth!!

Trump supporters will follow our Bossman wherever he goes!! So suddenly, all those advertisers on Twitter and FB will go buh bye because soon, Twitter and FB will be nothing....if they are still around.

Congratulations Mr. President!!! Wow...this is a huge endeavor and a lot of work!!!

Since Social Media has been the primary source of content for conservatives and fake news ratings are dropping like hot potatoes...this platform will be MASSIVE!!





" White House tech guys..."


Posted at 11:18 AM. Referencing this to the Law of War page 1118:

Sure seems like the Woke Generals are going down!

January 6, 20201 Compilation Video of the ones behind the riot! They were FBI and Capitol Police and fake MAGA people.

Darn hosting company won't let me post so here is the screenshot:

They committed election fraud, stole the election, threw Joe in there without going through all the proper channels, Trump NEVER conceded, Pence the low life dweeb certified the election even after the report from DNI Ratcliffe was given to President Trump and the dirty Dems and RINOS are now the belligerent occupation!

January 6 was the protest....tells me that we were there on the very same day to stand with President Trump while loser Pence ended up certifying the election.

Then the FBI / Antifa thugs and dirty politicians staged the scene of a riot. What the media fails to mention is that President Trump already alerted the FBI for protection prior to January 6, 2021, but Pelosi ignored it!



Remember, SilverGate posted this tweet saying "Next" and a photo of Fauci in jail.

Then Il Donaldo posted this! Fauci needs to go to jail, by the way:

Good...take that nasty varmit to prison!!


That was the same month SpaceForce had its first launch and it wasn't to space. It went to Qatar.

President Trump has to get rid of the dirty swamp rats legacy to start a new! Getting rid of this horrid Joe / Loser Barry agenda is of most importance!

The entire world needs a miracle!!!



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Opinion piece.

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Eileen Machida
Eileen Machida
Oct 22, 2021

It is possible that Star Trek stole the Space Force's logo. Either Gene or his wife Muriel (or both) had numerous contacts within the secret space program.

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