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Trump says - "Upon my inauguration..." "...It's happening" - Ultimate Trump Cards!

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December 14, 2022 President Trump posted he will have a Major Announcement on December 15, 2022.

Fake News was going bonkers! Speculating, pulling out their crystal balls 😂 🤣 😜 😭

They've been such a mess since Twitter Files were published! 🤣 😜

Please fake news...just keep your head in the may knock more sense into your "reporting" 🤣 😜!

December 14, 2022 - Motorcades at DC - P6 reports about 50 motorcades in DC!

December 14, 2022 - Last night approximately 8:53 PM WH Web Cam shows Green WH!

Some people were confused about the rainbow lights of Biden's drag queen show, but we all know fake Biden holds his events at a movie set white house and not the real White House.

December 15, 2022 - Then President Trump posts his Major Announcement:


Well, let's just say I got cussed out by fake MAGA's / patriots for re-posting that on Truth Social 😂 😜. Heck I was happy with the announcement, because there are so many comms in that Major Announcement. But that is okay, gave me time to block them. But was this President Trump's brilliant TRUMP CARD! To flush out the fake MAGA's because Greatness isn't for everyone! Then SwampFoxSC posted this:

Huge, yes?? SwampFoxSC also posted more:

Then Bethellli posted this BOMB!!!

Here is President Trump's Announcement and there is comms in this announcement:

Internet Bill of Rights:

President Trump made references to "...within hours of my inauguration" and "...Upon my inauguration..."

His speech video clip was exactly 6:48 minutes - Q648:

This is my takeaway on POTUS' speech...he referenced "it's happening" indirectly! His huge messages are usually under his breath, not as emphasized, and or out of context.

At 5:51 Minute mark - Q551:

The biggest message was to halt child exploitation! That has always been President Trump's top priority! The borders, big tech crimes, big government defending big tech / pedos has hurt the innocent little children!!! His main focus is to protect the Babies / Children from harm! Trump made it very clear that his EO will be in effect immediately upon his inauguration!

This has got to be one of the best Christmas presents ever! He is making it very very clear that he will get inaugurated (again) and this action will take place. Many of us wanted so much to see his inauguration he held in 2021, but is he telling us there will be a public inauguration coming very soon!


Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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