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Trump - "Seal is Broken"! Pedowood on Strike and Epps gets charged! Sweet justice!


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Sound of Freedom released less than 2 weeks ago and suddenly the movie industry is now on strike! Thinking outside of the box:

Let's not forget, when Backpage com got seized and shut down by authorities in 2018,

Online stores began posting highly suspicious and over priced products, in some cases, with a name associated to them:

July 11, 2019, President Trump Tweet about not being a fan of:

Trump Knows and Knew! His own sting operation (in my humble opinion) trapped tons of PedoWood and this is why Pedowood does not like Trump. Their dislike for Trump and MAGA supporters is so vicious that H-Wood even filmed and produced a movie about hunting down patriots for kill!

Q posted some names of Pedos:

Did the EO 13818 affect them? Matt Damon speaks out about the strike:

RECORD SCRATCH....wait....did he just say that "we have to protect people who are kind of on the margins"? So why weren't they talking when America's economy tanked and got worse for the people? They are out there talking their liberal views, but now that the most crooked president is running America, Joe Biden, the actors are crickets!

And is he squabbling about actors relying on residual income and earning $26k a year? Earning $26K...does that mean they got their assets seized? Did EO 13818 now affect these "celebs"?

Is this "strike" all a front for the "Seals are Broken" message from President Trump?

Did the Seal is Broken message also mean it's time for Ray Epps to face his fate? This article confirms via a lawsuit, that Ray Epps is criminally charged for his actions on J6.

Is Mike Pence Next?

What's next to get exposed?? President Trump recently re-truthed this post about "CIA's pedophile" (referring to the Sound of Freedom), but does this mean the truth about the CIA will come out?

CIA helping Disney:

More on this in future podcasts!


On other news - Marijuana found at White House. This poor Drug Sniffing Dog...doesn't like his job right now!

Things getting heated in Kosovo:

Remember when Bush had a shoe thrown at him?

Is the truth about Pedowood coming out that these actors won't be able to walk the streets?

Is MSM next on the chopping block? GOD GAVE YOU THE POWER and you used it! You stood for something and it affected the woke companies!



We know one thing....God is a Fair God! When we put our trust in Him, He will help you walk with so much faith and confidence in knowing ...HE'S GOT THIS! The worldly people worship other gods/beliefs/ RARELY hear any of them talk about this walk with God. We are witnessing the destruction of evilness and how the Godly will prosper and succeed the way God wants us to prosper and succeed.

Thank you for being a strong Child and Warrior for God!


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