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Trump Speech cuts off - New Q! Pods & Patriots - hang in there!



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Friendly Reminder:

Merrick Garland appointing Special Counsel Jack Smith. Listen to this carefully worded announcement:

Individual or entity?? And exactly what is he investigating? Remember Mueller came up with nothing, nada, zip on President Trump!

Merrick Garland going on attack...why? Is it that he is protecting himself, reputation, his criminal buddies...of course he is! The SC he appointed is a guy named Jack Smith.

Oh they must be afraid of the House Investigation into the Bidens and that laptop!

@FoxyLinda posted the PDF lining out the Biden investigation:

The House has 5 investigations so far:


At 17:17 Trump makes a sudden announcement that he will make a statement:

Many networks only showed 4-5 minutes of his announcement. Real America showed 17 minutes of it and then all networks cut him off. (Click on photo below to see the 15 minutes of it, I did not record the first 2 minutes as Trump was sharing congratulatory messages):

Just before President Trump made his statement, NEW Q4963 posted:



November 16 Delta Proofs:

November 16, 2022 Dan Scavino Incredible Post

A message for those struggling and dealing with those that are dragging you down:




Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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