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Trump Triumph from Lions Den! Fake News is mad! Bannon got swatted! God's Justice will happen!


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The day after the Trump Town Hall, fake news went into hysteria! Listen carefully to crying Joe's clip. Added my version of fact checking him.

Check out for more details of what really happened on Jan 6, 2021! John Brennan testified to Congress behind closed doors:

The news REFUSES to report the high crimes by the Biden family and how big agencies like the FBI, CIA and DOJ will do what they can to protect Joe Biden and that horrible family! Ye the ousted from the White House, NY Post headline and story details it all:

The news hoped the CNN Town Hall would get supporters to change their minds about Trump while the host / debater, Kaitlan Collins tried desperately to debunk and interrupt Trump. Well, his poll numbers went up AGAIN!

And then this focus group destroys Biden! Democrats don't care for Biden!

From Capt Rick TG Channel: Fake News is having a terrible time right now!

It's getting so bad that the deep state / black hats are trying to silence big voices again! Steve Bannon got swatted while reporting on the Biden Family corruption! The War is real...very real! How many more events / false flags will occur while the financial world is falling down? While exposing more crimes continues? While Trump supporter base keeps growing? While fake news is running out of dirty tactics?

What kind of news is supposed to break to try to silence our voices again?


While all these events are happening, we still need to listen to God and understand His purpose in our lives!



SALVATION PRAYER - If you'd like to accept Christ into your heart, here is a short video:



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