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Trump Tucker Tweet...END! Heartbreaking Hawaii clip! We need to be strong in God!


Watch on UgeTube or Rumble. Rumble Videos takes a few minutes to post and will say "Private" while it is publishing.


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President Trump interview with Tucker Carlson had over 200M views on Twitter! Comms from President Trump on August 23, 2023!

Trump tweeted for the first time in 958 days, his "mugshot" referring to "END":

Bill Barr is in trouble! Remember Trump talked about Bill Barr being a bad person. And that Barr never did an investigation on the Election Fraud. Is it because he was paid in money by Dominion?

Mark Meadows testified at the Fani Willis idiotic case, to have the case moved to a Federal Court. HAWAII Some of the devastation seen has scarred the people of Maui forever.

We may not ever get all the answers, but many may need to know why this is happening. A podcast that will release tonight is just Part 1 of 2 of why this may be happening. President Trump on Hawaii - He knows he cannot tell us the operations they are doing, so the best he could do is give us some comms. August 15, 2023 President Trump had comms about Hawaii:

Child Trafficking runs deep. Many do not know this, but it is believed that the Billionaires that have bought up some prime real estate on our islands, were involved with trafficking. Whether it be through running a social media site, or being a talk show host. What is baffling is that one bought prime acreage at bargain prices! How is that even fair for the people of Maui / Hawaii? When people are struggling to even buy a home because the average home is now $1.4M on Maui, how can they even afford to purchase one? Many locals have lost that dream and opted to move on or in many cases, move out of Hawaii. The billionaires / investors have stolen their land and the government allows and encourages it!

Hawaii Tunnels:

Podcast on Hawaiian Sovereignty to come out in 2 parts: Part 1 Evening of August 28, 2023 Part 2 Friday September 1, 2023

CHINA / TAIWAN IS NEXT? EBS in USA is reporting on China and Taiwan!


Thank you for bringing me smiles and laughter this past weekend! It was so needed!



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