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Tucker! Trump Trapping Traitors! King Charles final days! Truth has no friends!


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World Wide News:

Now Charles has the has been diagnosed with Cancer:

You know who is smiling now....because this royal family wanted her to be a part of their very dirty nasty vile secret society...and Princess Di's love for humanity and her own moral compass, would not budge and she needed to get out!

Remember what Buckingham and one of the UK royals did to Princess DI to silence her! And to get rid of the "not your typical" princess type!

Don't think for one moment the White Hats haven't been planning exits and escapes for each well needed individual that would help take down the dirty Swamp!

PRESIDENT TRUMP ACCOMPLISHED PEACE AROUND THE WORLD Getting Countries to work out deals and agreements with him and in return, getting the people of their respective countries to begin to prosper. This Clip shows some of the incredible deals President Trump worked out!

Yet others in this Country want him gone. Wonder why? Is it because these low life people have been dealt with as part of the movie and they are showing their true colors?

And now Tucker is in Russia and the left are having a fit!

But God loves the Truth and He will always be our friend!




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