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Twit Files 3-5 - Explosive! FBI working at Twitter! Media silent! Big Mike trending!



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Twitter Files 3 and 4 is now revealing the inner workings of the clown organizations working directly with Twitter.

President Trump knew about the Twitter executive Yoel Roth.

Twitter executives changed the rules and coded terms, and they were finding any way to suspend President Trump.

Most of the Yoel Roth (Twitter executive) and others were categorizing "Qanon"(as they call it) posts as inciting violence. When in fact they were genuine facts of truth. Truth that the democrats were stealing an election; to covid scams are not inciting violence but sharing truth and Twitter team did not like nor want that information out.

Elon posted some eye-opening posts. On Sunday, December 12, 2022: 1) Twitter removed the majority of bots.

2) Twitter Files reveal Michael Obama aka Big Mike was involved in censoring President Trump and his supporters!

3) "Michael Obama" was trending and the libs (without the help of their bots) were outraged:

FBI/DHS involved and references the DNI only one time:

Former DNI John Ratcliffe explains why the DNI would meeting with social media:

Mark Levin and Miranda Devine:

Proof that Twitter hired clowns from FBI/ CIA:

Remember Q1515 exposes the FBI and secret agents working with reporters. Below is the photo included in that Q post:

Media is silent!

Some are wondering if the truth about the Covid scam and scamdemic will ever come out. According to Elon's posts, it looks like they are on its way:

The left is so furious they got this phrase to trend:

Doesn't look like that is going to happen. In fact, it looks like prosecutions against those that plotted to steal our election by censoring the truth that affected a crucial election and the direction the world is headed, was at stake and now it Elon is making sure this will all get exposed! And soon we will find out the big crimes that happened on social media! TWITTER FILES 5 Just released today (December 12, 2022): Suspending Trump for no viable reason, but no other world leaders / big names that have clearly incited violence but continued with a Twitter account:

The left's double standard is ridiculous! They have NO CLUE that exposing this information has affected our lives and hurt humanity! They allow stealing an election, they allow harmful / violent accounts to remain unscathed.

Fake news has lied, slandered and spun stories to fit their own narrative. Many relied on President Trump's tweets as the news. President Trump is the ONLY big name on Twitter that was sharing the truth and the FBI / CIA manipulated this by working with Twitter, Facebook and I am pretty sure Google, that the fake news / lies / spun stories stay front and center. And they knew that the We the People wanted nothing more than to help the world know about the scandals and medical scams to help humanity! But that does not help the big pharma or big tech's bottom line.

The liberals (mostly people on Twitter now) that support Tweeps' side and decisions on this have a moral choice now. This is not about censoring the Greatest President of all Time that was fighting so hard for the good, this is about hiding all the dirty scams and scandals Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Banks wanted to have hidden! Censoring President Trump was a huge sign of the fear Tweeps had and if one of these dirty employees can just step back and see how what they did has KILLED humanity, they may think twice about supporting liberals again. Covid Scandals and the truth behind that should wake up EVERY SINGLE person on the planet that is blinded to the truth! Covid was a scam and the vaccine has proven to kill people!

The biggest release will be on the ongoing child trafficking that Twitter allowed and their secret hashtags and code words for these perpetrators to engage in horrid crimes against children!


Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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