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Twit Files 6&7 - Did FBI Elvis perjure himself? 15 days til new Congress! It's ON!

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DID FBI ELVIS CHAN PERJURE HIMSELF? A. Deposition on November 29, 2022, Chan is asked if he knew something about recommending Security Clearances on the government side and the social media side. Chan responded with "So I am not aware of any such sent -- of any such center being housed at ODNI at this point". According to Drop #22 reveals Chan himself arranges for Top Secret Security Clearances for Twitter executives so that the FBI can share information about threats to the upcoming elections.

B. Chan is asked if he is aware of any communications betweet anyone at Twitter anyone in the federal government about the decision to suppress content relating to the Hunter Biden laptop story once the story had broken. Twitter Files 7 shares all of that! Chan is asked if anyone else outside of Yoel Roth communicated with anyone else in the federal government. Chan's reply shows email CC's that would either be other FBI or Twitter employees.

There is so much more, but in an essence of limited time, this is an example of the dirty deeds the FBI and Twitter did to silence us and prevent the horrid Hunter Biden laptop contents from coming out.

So if Jack Dorsey faces prison time for perjury, will Elvis Chan face the same?

Just a few posts that are note worthy:

Drop #35, the FBI is back peddling and trying to prevent their acceptance of the Hunter Biden laptop as shown in #36. CBS already released a report on November 21, 2022 and authenticates the laptop contents:

In addition to the FBI and Twitter colluding with each other to steer the 2020 election to Joe Biden, the FBI used our tax dollars to pay Twitter over $3M!

Going back the Missouri v. Biden case, please note those that did get served includes Fraudchi, DHS, NIAID, CDC, FBI Cybersecurity, Psaki and Biden himself (and more):

TOUTING SMEAR CAMPAIGNS Understand, the media works in devious ways and here is a clip from October 2018 - Pelosi talking about how a smear campaign works. I know many of you do not want to listen to this, but this is important to understand:

The media is pushing a new narrative about criminal referrals for Trump. Is this their desperate efforts to distract Trump Supporters / Conservatives from what is really coming? President Trump via his Il Donaldo Account posted:

So far, the Twitter Files are finally making headlines and both sides are talking about it. The left is trying everything they can to debunk it; the right is seeing the truth come out and the Anons are finally sitting back and reaping the benefits of all their hard work as it is Twitter, that is releasing all truth.

Q Deltas have come to fruition and these are some that makes sense:

Video Clip in Q2628:

STAND BY TRUMP MORE THAN EVER LoneRangerTX on posted this:

You have all done your job! You have all fought so hard! You have surfed, dug, lost sleep, cried trying to get any bit of truth to share with the world. Bear in mind, it is because of YOU that Twitter / META had to collude with the FBI to prevent President Trump from winning. Twitter Files Part 6 is about the FBI taking down SMALL ACCOUNTS! Imagine that...the ginormous FBI going after small Twitter accounts and having to coordinate with Twitter executives to get that done!

Even their dirty tactics didn't work, so this is why ballot harvesting and "losing ballots" came into play, because there is no way Joe could have won any state! He could barely fill a 10 person room!

Will the FBI lose their funding? Will other dirty criminal governments lose their funding? What will they do if they have no funding? Will FBI and Twitter peeps face prison / GITMO for interfering in our elections? What happens when the Covid truth comes out on Twitter, will the big pharma and all related industries face their fate? WWhy is J6 moving so quickly for criminal referrals on Trump? The last day for this J6 committee to take any action is before the 118th Congress is sworn in! We ALL know the FBI was / is behind that scandal! FBI Ray Epps was inciting the violence! J6 Compilation videos proving the people behind this were not Trump Supporters, but agitators Grey Wolf on Twitter posted this Seasonal Song - "It's beginning to look a lot like Treason..."

Kayleigh McEnany tik toked this message:

To me, this is what Christmas means to me...those that are helping Humanity.

President Trump fights like heck to give us our Freedom and the Best he could possibly give us! Now as he prepares to fight on the battlefield (Twitter, FB) he will need us more than ever!


Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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