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Twitter Files confirms EVERYTHING you shared! SCOTUS Election case!



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Congratulations those labeled Tin Foil Hatters! You were right again!!! More proof that the Election was rigged! With the stolen election of 2020 we have the most inept resident houseplant that created the highest inflation, worst economy, struggling businesses, aiding other countries instead of America, corruption hidden, lies untold, and there is nothing good coming from this rigged election...NOTHING!

They have banned you for sharing the truth and citing an organization that has nothing to do with their business model. So how is ANY of this legal?

Are we going to see a New Election? Remember, the Moore v. Harper case SCOTUS opinion happens on Wednesday December 7, 2022.

There is a reason this respected account @RealVincentKennedy keeps posting about 2023:



Amy Robach had a BIG Story for several years and never ever cared for the Children or young girls / boys that were victims to the big named criminals / pedophiles! Here is her hot mic story that was shared 3 years ago.

If this is the way ABC will slowly release "resignations" or terminations from their networks, then so be it. Fake News has been hiding the truth and spinning stories. I am waiting for them to report that Covid is a manmade virus and the entire pandemic was one big scam! But will they?

OUR JOURNEY Through all of these corruption and tears, we all found and have each other! Think about the incredible wealth you have received through all of this...Family! One could not have ever dreamed that this would be our search, but I personally, have developed stronger friendships with our Surfer / Patriot family!

We have all held one another, hugged each other, prayed for each other, cried with each other and laughed with each other. We even found the strength to do our Sammy Dances!

Most of all...we are all fighting for God's Truth to come to light! President Trump and the White Hats have their own strategy and timing for everything. God is using them to help lead the way. We may be in a holding pattern right now, or some negative news may break only for the fake news / big tech to shatter your hopes and dreams, but our WILL to reach our dreams and move from surviving to Thriving is so close around the corner!

Let Jesus help you and hold you and walk with you!!! Let Him carry you!


Keep your faith in Jesus! He will help you get through the storm!



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