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We the People have the Power! Farmers joined Truckers! End of Occupation Incoming!


VIDEO 02/04/2022

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1/28/2022 - One Nation Under God!!! Keep on Trucking and we will win!

1/27/2022 - Truckers Convoy standing Stronger! Distraction news galore! Pray for Freedom WW!

1/26/2022 - WI withdraws vote! AMC! Liberal Breyer retiring! Truckers unite! QohnG!

1/25/2022 - Markets imploding! Basel III! Worldwide changes! Beautiful world incoming! 1/24/2022 - No Show Recorded

1/21/2022 - Tons have CV! 11.3! Hood in trouble! Make Laughing Great Again! God still Wins!

1/20/2022 - Law of War - 1 Year mark! Pope B abuse exposed! CV Vax under Criminal Investigation!

1/19/2022 - I'm Batman Tweet then Gotham City Alert! Explosion at WH?

1/18/2022 - Don Jr 8 bullets! It is Done! So many comms! Assange hints!! God is so good!

02/04/2022 comments below article


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Now let's Gift Wrap all of this

Law of War - One Year after Belligerent Occupation

When did the Trucker's Convoy Movement begin? One year after the Resident Houseplant stole office!!!








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