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WHAT A WEEK!!! Milley! Shutdown! Fauci! Mayorkas! Feinstein! Ford! 2016 Trump is back!


Watch on UgeTube or Rumble. Rumble Videos takes a few minutes to post and will say "Private" while it is publishing.


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THE WEEK STARTED OUT VERY STRONG 9/25/2023 Ford announced pausing EV (Electric Vehicle) project. This tied to a very interested Q post - Q1120:


9/27/2023 - EGRNF CEO under Police Control (arrested and under house arrest at an undisclosed location).

9/28/2023 - EGRNF shares suspended

Remember back in July 2022, EGRNF and 5 other real estate developers were booted off the Hang Seng exchange!

9/29/2023 - EGRNF Chair under investigation over suspected illegal crimes!

9/29/2023 - EGRNF CEO was arrested!

FORD Articles shows they did have serious ties to the CCP!

EO 13959 gave any body or company having ties to the CCP or PRC (People's Republic of China) a chance to break free with a November 2021 cut off date! Apparently, Ford kept it's ties.

Are we facing China's Lehman's Brothers moment? The downfall of Evergrande will have a huge world wide effect! This small company was in bed with several BIG corporations! When they fall, the ripple effect is bound to happen!

Fauci Lied and People Died! Jesse Watter explosive reveal on Fauci ties to the CIA:

September 2023 - Fauci admits vaccines causes myocarditis!

Milley "retires"! Enjoy GITMO! (Excuse the language in this clip):

Government shutdown is imminent!

House voted to reduce Mayorkas salary to $1!!

Dianne Feinstein died!

Here's a September 27 Q Delta - Q2282 - Evil be Gone!

President Trump via his Truth and IlDonaldo accounts were sending us so many messages!

WHAT A POWERFUL, BLUNT, DIRECT SPEECHES this week!!! He spoke at a CA GOP Conference he drop blunt bombs!



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