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While we wait, keep up the Faith



ScavinoChannel on Telegram posted this:

We know the:

1) Audit results will favor President Trump.

2) Mainstream media is facing their much longer can they last with their ratings free falling?

3) Big Tech is getting sued and this could cripple them.

4) Corruption is getting exposed and many things already happened that we may not ever see.

5) Banksters and Billionaires are under scrutiny.

6) Democrats that fled Texas, eventually have to come home to Texas and get greeted with some nice jewelry!

7) Joe is still driving the country to disaster.

8) Patriots are fighting like crazy to get the truth out there.

We may be waiting for President Trump to return publicly, his Greatness plan, but no one knows what is in that plan. No one knows the details for now that we are under the 1776 Republic America and not the defunct USA Inc. (that signed NESARA), it is hard