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White House is Busy! Joe's lousy job report! Happy Aloha Friday!!

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Jihad's employment numbers are out! It's worse than bad!

This is hilarious bc Jihad Joe can sign whatever the heck he wants...from a movie set!

This is weird place to sign bill!! President Trump signed most of his Monumental Bills in the White House!

Il Donaldo posted this movie set this week and now SilverGate is posting the same!

Scribble away Joe!!! We know big things are going on right now!!

While Jihad Joe always turns his back on America...

President Trump has ALWAYS had our backs!



SlvGate on Twitter

Very Active at the White House!!!

John Barron is back!

President Trump is coming back and now we are seeing many signs that he back or on his way back to the White House!!


The beauty of our MAGA movement!

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