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You are HEROES! God and Trump needed you!


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Think about this, why would Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. have to silence you? Because they knew that Your voice is more powerful and stronger than the media. The media consumed the airwaves and attention of the every day person. Social Media was initially created by LifeLog and CIA company that eventually turned into FB. The bad people had their 16 year plan to destroy the world already in place! To turn the USA and eventually the world into a worse than communist country. We were enslaved to their system since the day we were born. The chain effect: 1871 USA Incorporated was formed to make their own set of rules in an effort to bypass our Constitutional rights! 1912 JPM and deep state destroy the Titanic. The 3 wealthy men that did board the Titanic were against the formation of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve.

1913 Dirty Federal Reserve was formed. What did it do?

Imposed interest Rates

Used fiat dollars instead of Gold or Silver

Imposed Income and Property Tax

Paid income tax to the IRS (a non-government entity)

Paid Property taxes to the states

1933 Roosevelt signed EO 6102 to take away our Gold, if you didn't, the government would arrest and fine you.

1960's Milk Carton photos showing faces and names of children that went missing.

Horrid Trade deals with other nations took place. Jobs from America went away.

Big Banks involved in Money Laundering for horrid criminals! Elections were getting bought/ paid by fronts like BLM and president's became "installed" like a fixture. The innocent Children never ever had a voice to help them and we the People could never see an end in sight! Then President Trump won the election and every single crooked entity became afraid! President Trump and the Military took over!

This is why President Trump is so hated! Just to name a few of those (deep state) that feared Trump winning:

Past crooked president


Crooked World Leaders

Clown government agencies, FBI, DOJ, CIA Crooked Media Big Banks

Big Pharma Big Tech

Big Corporations that know about off world technology but is suppressing it


Late Night

Talk Shows This is why they have ALL spun Trump to their audience! The development of alternative currency rose. Dark web trafficking sites closed down. Online shopping sites began trafficking. YOUR fight began before President Trump was elected. Trump's famous speech that exposed it all! We marched Trump to the finish line! When Trump Won, we had to fight harder, because of the crooked bad deep state.

The take down isn't one that can happen overnight! The web of one has hundreds if not thousands of tenacles. When you decided to lead the way, you were given threats, heartaches and sorrow. But you knew it was the right thing to do! You won't stop until we live in a world of peace. While this is all happening, President Trump has accomplished incredible tasks to pave the way for our Greatness. He did it his way! Tomorrow we honor the Independence of our Nation. One that was so damaged and broken down that Trump and the White Hats built up, only to demonstrate how a corrupt and evil government (fake Joe Biden regime) can tear it apart in less than 2 years! We will get it back, but it could not have been done without you!


SALVATION PRAYER - If you'd like to accept Christ into your heart, here is a short video:



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