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Hello to All! Thank you Santa for the hope and positive inspiration you and Sammy provide.

I am faced with a major decision and need an experienced researcher to do some digging for me. In 2018 I accepted a position with a US company and absolutely loved my job. Unfortunately, we were not considered “essential“ in 2020 and all of us were laid off. The same week that unemployment benefits ran out in the fall of 2020, I received a letter from the company stating they would not be able to reinstate employees as they were closing the entire business at the end of 2020.

The research company that we had contracted with to perform data collection services has now decided to continue the research from an “in house“ position and has approached me with an offer of employment.

Honestly I have been carrying a great deal of guilt concerning my part in this data collection after doing some research in 2020 on some of the parent companies. I’m not certain about my own findings. I need a 10,000’ view instead of 10’!

The employment offer comes at a point where I haven’t worked since September 1, 2021 (due to supply chain interruption not performance related), only have enough liquidity to pay my bills until the end of the month, and refuse to go back on unemployment. However I have principles, integrity, and a moral code to protect. Hence my dilemma.

Is there anyone out there who can assist with my research?

Journey Well,



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