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Michael H. Profession: Director

Good doc on the effectiveness of my favorite director, Michael Haneke, but a documentary that spoils MOST of his feature films... for really no reason. There's scene inter cut of key moments from these films that were completely unnecessary to show. Would've made for a tighter, shorter documentary if they were omitted. Also, this doesn't go into Haneke's film making history, the older the feature gets, the less the documentary has to say and show. No mention of his TV films, little of his plays. Still a nice watch if you've seen his filmography.

Michael H. Profession: Director

Good news, I've woken up a bit after my disastrous viewing of The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue last night, but I have an admission... I have only seen two Haneke films; Funny Games and Caché. This is something I know I need to remedy. Why then did I decide to watch a documentary of a director I know nothing about? Who knows. As Michael Haneke himself might say - make your own minds up.

In 25 years, Michael Haneke established himself as one of the most important directors in cinema history. From his early work to AMOUR, he created a unique universe, revealing like no other the dregs of our society, or existential fears and emotional outbursts. Through the vision of his actors and previously unseen footages, MICHAEL H. depicts the work of a rare artist.

maravilloso documental de uno de los maestros del cine contemporáneo. Michael Haneke posiblemente sea el director más talentoso que hay actualmente, su cine es tan cruel como sentimental, narra la violencia y la vida de forma única y aquí se muestra como es tras las fantásticas películas que tiene.

Al ver todo lo que se comenta aquí me queda aún más claro lo virtuoso que es éste director. Como lo tiene todo planeado al milímetro y como tras estas atronadoras películas se encuentra un hombre tan inteligente y interesante como lo que se ve en sus películas.

Starting with "Amour" (2012) and backtracking all the way to "The 7th Continent" (1989), fascinating portrait of uncompromising film director Michael Haneke intercuts between extensive, if at times reticent, interviews with the auteur himself and with some of his players, and a great deal of revealing behind the scenes footage. Although Haneke is not too keen on interpreting himself, it's interesting to see him go as far as admitting most of his work is born as a critic reaction to the way mainstream cinema works.

Uno de los documentales más interesantes que he visto sobre un director de cine. Aquí Haneke y sus actores de reparto nos dan información y detalles muy interesantes sobre la forma de hacer cine y la expresión artística de Michael Haneke dando un repaso a sus películas que es enriquecedor por donde se mire. Después de esto, el cineasta austriaco se convierte definitivamente en uno de mis favoritos del panorama actual. Pronto veré una de las pocas que me faltan, El Séptimo Continente. Promete.

Among his many professional accomplishments, Lawrence J. Fox was instrumental in the creation and served as an active member of the ABA Commission on the Evaluation of the Rules of Professional Conduct (Ethics 2000). The work of the Commission has served to advance the role of professional responsibility law in the administration of justice, notes Jeanne P. Gray, director of the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility.

E. Norman Veasey is a senior partner at Weil Gotshal and serves as a strategic adviser to the firm's roster of prominent global clients on a wide range of issues related to mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and litigation. Additionally, he advises on corporate governance issues involving the responsibilities of corporate directors in complex financial transactions and crisis management.

Mr. Veasey is a director of the Institute for Law and Economics at the University of Pennsylvania, a member of the American Law Institute, a member of the International Advisory Board of the Centre for Corporate Law and Securities Regulation and numerous other professional organizations. He is a frequent panelist and lecturer on the corporation law, corporate governance, ethics and professionalism.

Powell noted that as director of the Legal Division of The Florida Bar, Berry coordinated the state bar's response to the ValuJet plane crash in 1996 in Florida's Everglades. The state bar provided neutral legal information, advice and assistance to the public, creating a system that has become a model for other state bars' mass disaster responses.

It is especially moving, Powell observed, that Berry receives the award as executive director of the State Bar of Michigan. "Now, at the leadership of the very state bar where Michael Franck worked unswervingly to raise the standards of lawyer ethics and disciplinary enforcement, there can be little doubt that Berry is both literally and figuratively an heir to the Michael Franck legacy," he said.

Berry was appointed to his position in Michigan last November. Previously, he was director of the Legal Division of The Florida Bar for 15 years and at the Arizona State Bar for two years. In Arizona, he oversaw dramatic and highly-praised changes to the disciplinary system. In 1999, Berry returned to Florida to create and serve as the first director of the Center for Professionalism at the University of Florida, Levin College of Law. The center has among its goals increasing law school interaction with practicing lawyers and judges, and promoting lawyer professionalism.

The recommendations provided, which are grounded in the relevant literature and our shared experiences, are designed for residents interested in medical education as well as program directors and educators looking to provide guidance. We posit that these recommendations will empower residents to explore the various career paths available in medical education. 041b061a72


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