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Who Buys Used Electrical Transformers

The equipment we buy is from plants that are closing or lines that are being upgraded. The used motors, reducers, and transformers were operating when they were taken out of service. Generally, along with the used equipment we obtain in these instances, there is often a warehouse full of reconditioned and new spare equipment. We sometimes even acquire equipment purchased by accident or for canceled projects before they have even begun.

who buys used electrical transformers

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JM Industrial buys and sells used and unused surplus industrial process equipment for the chemical, plastics, and mineral processing industries. We offer outstanding values in quality machinery, such as screeners, dust collectors, fans, blowers, conveyors, valves and much more. Our large inventory can provide you with the equipment you need, when you need it, and at an affordable price. Our sales staff is experienced in the industry.

We inventory a wide variety of electric motors, motor controls, and transformers in our 100,000 Sq. Ft. Toledo warehouse. Call us with your specific electrical requirements. If we don't have what you need, we're sure that we can find it. We also offer custom-built electrical controls for virtually any industry. We have also supplied single-phase to three-phase power converters from 10 Hp. to 200 Hp. All of our reconditioned electrical equipment replacement has a one-year warranty.

Whether you run a plastic extrusion business, a manufacturing plant, a quarry, or a sawmill, we have a variety of electrical equipment that can help get you up and running smoothly. We also have the expertise to back up our products. Dave Row has been in the business since he left college teaching in 1975, and Jim Row joined Row Electrical after college in 1998. We understand the operation of various electrical systems, such as custom-built electrical controls, transformers and more, and we can help you get what you need to satisfy your electrical requirements. Our commitment to you is the one-year warranty that we provide on all reconditioned electrical equipment sales. We have negotiated attractive freight tariffs with major truck lines in order to reduce expensive freight costs for our customers. Our main objective is to be problem solvers, and we try to do so expertly, and affordably.

Distributor of new & used electrical equipment including electric & power transformers. Other products such as generators, automatic transfer switches distribution panels, UPS battery systems, circuit breakers & AC units are also available. 24 hr emergency support service available.

Directory for surplus, used industrial electric transformers. Nearly 90,000 items listed by over 1,100 suppliers worldwide, including single and three phase, distribution, substation, pad mount, dry type and pole.

Manufacturer of standard and custom transformers for commercial applications. Three-phase, pad-mounted, substation, dry type and encapsulated transformers are offered. New and used transformers are also available. Transformer repair and rental services are provided. Suitable for contractors, equipment dealers and electrical distributors.

Stocking distributor of customized, new & used electric transformers. Pad mount, power & distribution, dry type, drive & shielded isolation, single & three phase, buck & boost & constant voltage transformers are also available.

Distributor of new and used transformers. Products include standard and three-phase transformers. Stock will vary. Auction, liquidation and asset recovery services are available. Also specializes in machinery moving and rigging, warehousing and storage, crating/packaging, containerization, machinery transportation and freight forwarding services.

Distributor of used transformers. Types include single phase & three phase transformers with 50 & 60 cycles. Single phase transformers available in capacities ranging from 10 KVA to 500 KVA. Three phase transformers available in capacities ranging from 3 KVA to 1000 KVA. Refurbished transformers also available.

Distributor of transformers including used transformers. Available as electric arc furnace (EAF) & power transformers. EAF transformers range in sizes from 10 MVA to 188 MVA. EAF transformers are available in different overall dimensions, primary/secondary voltages. Power transformers range in sizes of 12 MVA, 15/20/25 MVA, 20/23 MVA & 80 MVA. Power transformers are available with different primary/secondary voltages, with OCB & 2 x 40 MVAR & 1 x 20 MVAR capacitor banks.

Distributor of used electric transformers. Types include current, power, furnace, isolation, rectifier and drive transformers. Indoor and outdoor power transformers and unit substations are available. Offered in different specifications. Products sold EOK or rebuilt. Inventory may vary. Also buyers of surplus equipment. Appraisal, liquidation, consignment and dismantling services are available.

Distributor of used transformers. Other products such as actuators, agitators, bearings, belts, butterfly valves, chains, couplings, electronics, gauges, lab pumps, pipe & fittings, probes, rotary valves, switchgears & transmitters are available.

Distributor of used equipment including transformers. Other products include laminar flow benches, dust collectors, finishing equipment and waveform generators. Stock may vary. Leasing services are available.

Distributor of new & used transformers including rebuilt, reconditioned & remanufactured transformers. Transformers are available in single-phase & three-phase types & in pad mount & substation styles. Specifications of transformers include electric power ratings of up to 2500 KVA, maximum primary voltages of up to 6900 V & maximum secondary voltage of up to 480 V.

Distributor and manufacturer of standard and custom new and used transformers. Types available include dry type and oil-filled transformers with specifications such as 120 V to 14,400 V and 500 kVA to 3,750 kVA power supply. Various features include fiberglass insulation, copper wiring, round coil design, short circuit protection and disk winding. Rental, remanufacture, and repair services also offered. Stock items and 24 hour emergency services available. Aerospace, automotive, chemical, hospital, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, schools, pulp and paper, government, food and other industries served. Meets ANSI and NEMA standards. IEEE compliant. Made in the USA.

Distributor of used transformers. Available in 45 KVA capacity and 60 Hz 3 phase. Features include circuit breaker box and electro-static shielding. Additional services provided include liquidation, consignment and financing.

Distributor of used electric transformers. Available in 480 V input and 240 V output voltage ratings. Capabilities include turnkey systems integration, machinery retrofit and reconditioning, testing and on-site installation and training.

Evaluates, diagnose, repairs and rebuilds all types of used electric transformers. Capabilities include disassembling, cleaning (coating removal), re-shaping, insulation coating and voltage leak testing. Custom designing, fabrication, coil winding, and in-plant consultation services are also available.

Full service custom manufacturer and distributor of high power transformers. Types of transformers include liquid filled substation transformers, single phase polemount transformers and single/three phase padmounted transformers. Available with power ratings from 5 kVA to 30 MVA. Transformers can be used in power distribution, mining, oil, gas and renewable energy applications. Transformer parts and components are available. Services include repair, remanufacturing, field maintenance, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) oil testing, engineering, field dressing/undressing, recycling, disposal, commercial storage and field substation teardown.

ESU will purchase your excess electrical transformer inventory. We buy new and used transformers, single phase, three phase, buck boost and more. We have been in the electrical supply business for over 30 years and offer fair prices for your excess electrical inventory. Call us today to find out more and to get a quote!

Electrical Supplies Unlimited buys and sells new and power & electrical Transformers and more for San Diego County and surrounding areas including Orange County, Riverside and more. Of course, we can arrange shipment on a wide variety of products to service those outside our area. We will also purchase your used Electrical Supplies such as Circuit Breakers, Switches, Fuses and more.

ESU Inc has been in the electrical supply business for over 30 years. We have a large inventory of new, surplus and recycled electrical supplies both for the commercial and residential markets so we are constantly purchasing surplus electrical equipment. We can offer the best pricing on your used and obsolete Electrical Transformers as our large client base allows us to give you the highest price possible. If you have surplus transformer equipment, give us a call and we will give you a quote. We will arrange for pickup and you get payment!

Copper Transformers are usually a higher source of energy that is used in different electrical systems and machines. They are usually very dense and heavy due to the steel outer casing that is often around them. Copper Transformers can vary in sizes from the size of a quarter to the size of a car. We can help you determine the price for your by looking at our website for our current scrap prices. If you have larger transformers you are looking to scrap, you can ask us about our scrap pick up service in the Tri-State area. When you have copper transformers be sure to use a file to scratch the surface and make sure that the material is copper, which will be reddish in color. 041b061a72


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