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Dirty Judge is Clinton judge! Libs triggered! Trump truthed "We're Coming Home"

Updated: Sep 13, 2022


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POST QUEEN E NEWS MAGA was having a tad bit of fun posting about the passing of Queen E.

We know the dirty media doesn't like it when MAGA keeps winning! Think about that...they don't like Making America Great Again and they don't want MAGA! So what news hits the press today?? Judge dismisses Trump RICO case against Hillary.

Raid at Mar-a-lago court documents LIBERAL INJUSTICE SYSTEM TRIGGERED The backlash from Anons and Patriots about the news of Queen Elizabeth's passing must have upset the dirty justice system and liberal media. Surfers, Patriots and Anons were brutal in their response to the news of Lizzy's death. Why? Because, we have all learned the evilness and horrid things the UK Monarchy and Queen E did to humanity. From human hunting games, child trafficking, pedophilia, and so much more horridness! This next part is NOT LEGAL ADVICE, ONLY SHARING OPINIONS AND FINDINGS. The biggest headline seen today is Trump's RICO case against Hillary is dismissed. Technically, yes it was, but there are a few things to note in this docket #267:

Docket #267 is Judge Middlebrooks order of Dismissal. Yet this one caught my attention. Dismissal without Prejudice as to the United States under Rule 12(b)(1):

Without prejudice as to United States under Rule 12(b)(1).

Is the news distracting us from the huge things to come? They have tried to use the legal system to destroy President Trump over and over again! Who is Judge Middlebrooks...a Bill Clinton appointed Judge!!! How is this not a conflict of interest??

We already learned about dirty Bruce Reinhart who recused himself from Trump's RICO case. Weeks later, Reinhart signs off on the Mar-a-lago Search Warrant! We learned that he is the same Judge that helped Epstein get that sweet deal for criminal activity (in 2007) and then Reinhart quits and becomes a lawyer for Epstein's employees! Bill Clinton is shown on the flight logs to Epstein Island, therefore Epstein and Clinton are friends.

Clinton's appointed judge, Middlebrooks, takes over the case and now we are learning he was appointed by Bill Clinton! Bill Clinton's wife is the named Defendant! When will President Trump get a fair shake with the horrible justice system in America? HOW DIRTY IS OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM?? This justice system has just activated our Trump Cards!!!

The media is triggering MAGA more than ever! They tried to take away everything , including the air we breathe! Most of all, they have taken away our freedom and our Constitutional rights and we want that back!!!





They will try fear tactics, bullying, new viruses, any kind of hopeless news to get MAGA to feel defeated, but we are far from that! You all woke up today and kept marching on!

We're again at that final plays of the game and the defense will play harder, and they may not care about being penalized either! They know President Trump and the

MAGA Tsunami is on its way!

Newsmax - great article about loyal supporters!

This is the America that I miss so much and it is slowly coming back:

Have a beautiful weekend and thank you for sharing truth, love and joy!!


Keep your Faith in God!!!





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