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Gold Certificates by Treasury - DACA is unlawful! England opening! Victory within you!

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Last Day for Complimentary Constitutional Booklets is Tuesday 7/20/2021.

YouTube has removed the 7/19/2021 Video. They must not like us knowing about Gold Certificates, DACA is unlawful and the England is opening up! Rumble Video Link below:



Special thanks to Maggie for sharing this awesome information:


The Federal Reserve has never ever been audited....until President Trump took office back in 2017. Things happened quickly when President Trump became POTUS.

This particular section in part ties in with the Gold Standard:

Q Confirmed again! March 27, 2020 Q3904 posted a tweet by Ir0nbelly about the Fed and Treasury merging into one organization:

July 2020 - Epoch Times reported about New Dollar Backed by Gold Coming this October:

What does this all mean? Many big moves made by President Trump were / are done so quietly. Other big news that has immediate impact to the people are announced. Examples of those signed quietly are EO 13818 and 13848 were signed quietly and both are very big EO's.

Just these two EO's alone would cripple every single deep state swamp rat and their puppets (media, big tech, election fraudsters, government people, dirty alpha agencies, etc.).

Here is a person at the EU Parliament in 2013 and he's addressing the Big Central Banksters elephant in the room. He must have been a lone ranger fighting the Central Banks and today, it is common knowledge about how crooked the Central Banks are / were:

This gentleman is spot on and certainly rubbed the audience the wrong way, but he didn't care, he wanted the truth to get out there.

Every transition takes time. China was the premier manufacturer of goods used in the USA and it takes time to transition for goods made in the USA to transition.

Central Banksters have already been "dealt with" by the White Hats, so now things appear to be playing out so the whole world knows just how corrupt they really were!

The price of AMC keeps getting clobbered, but that is just the short sellers' last ditch effort before the July 29, 2021 shareholder meeting. Notice how the drop happened just after everyone received their proxies. Oh, are the short sellers naked shorting so much that they are all in? What will happen between now and then, appears to be a rollercoaster. (Not advice, just an opinion). Many retail investors are taking advantage of this dip.



How many Special Elections may come up in the next few weeks? We all know the dirty democrats are trying everything in their power and might to prevent any of the audit results from getting released. If the democrats say elections are fair, why are they fearful of the election audit results? One person in Maricopa got indicted for voting under her dead mom's name.

More news on this as time goes on.



A Federal Judge ruled the Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is illegal and blocked new enrollments:

And here were go, Joe is fighting for the people of other countries over and above the people of America! He can care less about the people of America and America itself!

This is a huge step for America, to stop the dreamers from siphoning our own tax dollars to pay for the democrats future and illegal voters that receive benefits over homeless Veterans and families; American people; those that fight for America and America in general!



I am getting emails that those in the UK are getting banned from watching my videos. I will post all links at the bottom of each Video. And will resume back on UgeTube so you can still see the videos.

Well, I guess Neil Ferguson's plan (in his memo) bombed! He's the guy that wrote the Covid pandemic was very profitable and wanted to close the UK down again on July 15, 2021.





What a time to be alive. All I ask, is to document your trip and history in the making! We know history was rewritten to cover up tons of corruption by presidents prior to President Trump. Then we had 4 years of blossom and then now, we're losing it all because of Joe. We know the real Joe is gonzo (as President Trump has mentioned many times); all the bad people are dealt with and put away. So that is the biggest thing Joe cannot undo.

Did you take time away from the news? Did you dance with fellow patriots? I sure did. A group of us on Twitter shared music and danced and laughed so much that one person could not even get to sleep.

Miracles are happening every single day.

Cherish moments with your loved ones. This is a comment from a video by Evelyn Champagne King (who was discovered by being a house cleaner and singing while she cleaned):

Thank you for supporting our show!



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Any information shared is not financial or legal advice.

Opinion piece.

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EXCLUSIVE! Dr. David Martin Just Ended COVID, Fauci, DOJ, Politicians in ONE INTERVIEW should be seen by the whole world


Stew Peters talked with Dr. David Martin in an historical interview with inarguable fact-based exposure that should be seen by the entire world as an absolute end to the COVID narrative.


A lawsuit has been filed against the federal government for covering up the true number of deaths from the Covid-19 vaccines.

A whistleblower swore under penalty of perjury that there have been 45,000 deaths within 3 days of injection, 5 times more than reported on VAERS. That's a conservative estimate.

Lawsuit PDF:


The gentleman who tries to school the E.U. on the corrupt banking system is Godfrey Bloom, a UKIP MEP. He was a thorn in the side of the E.U. just as much as Nigel Farrage was until we had the sense to leave that corrupt organisation.

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