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Joe exposed! Hunter ordered to court! Assange extradition to US for violating Espionage Act!


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HUNTER ORDERED TO GO TO COURT FOR BABY MAMA CASE If Hunter refuses to show up in court, he would face 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $20,000. Hunter Biden Business Insider Article: WEASEL WRAY FBI Wray is trying very hard to protect the crooked Biden family! Wray provided James Comer (House Oversight Committee Chair) with a redacted document to prevent Contempt Charges. Comer moves forward with Contempt charges on Wray and now Wray delivered unredacted documents for the entire Oversight Committee to review. Contempt hearing has been cancelled. MTG explains the partial document naming Ukraine Prosecutor, Shokin. This video clip is followed by a 2018 clip of Joe Biden bragging about getting Shokin fired / removed and then an audio clip Joe Biden agrees (in 2016) to pay the President of Ukraine, Poroshenko, $1B for a "loan guarantee":

Doesn't this sound like acts of Sedition? Treason? Violating the Espionage Act? JOE IS EXPOSED JULIAN ASSANGE UPDATE

Violations of Espionage Act include removing classified documents among other things. So if the media and dirty prosecutors are feeding the media with untruths about President Trump allegedly taking classified documents as violating the Espionage Act, then wouldn't Biden get charged for that crime? We all know, dirty prosecutors are trying anything to frame President Trump. Whereas, Joe Biden is truly an idiot and only in it for the bribes and money! He never thought Hillary would lose, but she did!

Julian Assange Article:


While this entire movie is still playing out, take the time to enjoy Life and Living! Go roller skating, hang out with positive minded people, stay focused on your goals and dreams!


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