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Operation London Bridge starts! Queen Elizabeth dead! Globalist triangle is falling!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022


Complimentary Notes (2) with each order of Pain Absolve and Body Sculpt (while supplies last)




Queen Elizabeth has died! The news is finally public!

PrincessDiana_Q on TG was sharing hints before the news was public!

Operation London Bridge process and 10 days after her announced death is the funeral. UK Reporters began wearing black and black ties.

The Globalist Stranglehold is falling quickly!

We just reported about Knights of Malta and the Secret Society is dissolved!

And we reported that it was just a matter of time for the wicked queen's death will be public. Did President Trump send us a comm on this?

Queen Lizzy was a very dirty pedophilia supporting trafficker!

Remember when this young boy was trying to escape Buckingham palace and at that time, many didn't know about the evil things about the UK monarchy! No one questioned if he was a part of the royal family. In my humble opinion, this young boy was escaping from the horrid torture he faced inside Buckingham!

February 28, 2015

Princess Diana knew too much about the evil things happening with this horrid royal family and she too escaped it!

This news isn't about the death of the queen, it's about a new nation rising for the good and Freedom for the people of the Commonwealth Countries and the UK financial ties to USA taxpayers! June 2022, the UK Announced its commonwealth countries can go independent:


This news is also about Freedom for Princess Diana! When can she publicly come out of the shadows and into the limelight again?

I always wonder if this marine escorting President Trump out of Marine 1 is Princess Diana.

Remember, White Hats have been in control of the UK since 2018. UK Submitted to Trump

How did President Trump have so much power? Was Trump the only leader in the world that 100% complied to the Law of War? President Trump fight was to bring power back to you the people! And to bring Peace to the World!

These countries under the Geneva Convention must comply to the terms of the GC / Law of War (USA). And we will see more crimes exposed from other leaders over time. Gates, Fauci, Big Pharma, Fall Street, Biden, Obama, etc.

Why couldn't Trump and the White Hats move faster...because Timing is everything! We learned about Nuclear documents that points to the Iran nuclear deal and Project Pelican. It wasn't an easy process and it still is delicate! President Trump is so anxious to return and at times, during these rallies, he seems to have difficulty containing his excitement for a brand-new world! People are asking:

We are very close to it! President Trump sent us a Timestamp comm:

President Trump is such a class act. Inasmuch as he received so much resistance from Lizzy while knowing she was committing horrid crimes against humanity along with controlling USA tax paid funds to pay off the dirty cabal / central banks, he made very supportive comments about her.

One truth timestamp ties into this Q1420

President Trump is the president to bring unity and peace! He attracks all walks of life and he has support from people all around the world! (It is the dirty government agencies, fake news, big tech and dirty politicians that has worked so hard to try to tarnish his good works). President Trump once called the White House the People's House. Is this what he is bringing back? This was part of America's Book of Secrets:

Nations submitted to President Trump. This news today and yesterday are huge steps towards bringing Power back to you the People (around the world)!




Keep your Faith in God!!!





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