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Remember, when the hedgies play the naked short game, they have much more to lose than retail investors. With retail investors, if we invest $1000, the very most they will lose is the $1000. With naked short hedgies, they have interest to pay, they now have to match their assets to their positions and they have margin calls. And if for some reason, they are unable to fulfill their positions, then their assets could get seized (from the brokers) to pay what is owed to the brokers. PLUS, when their naked short game is exposed, will they have to face the consequences of playing an illegal game?

JP Morgan warns hedge funds to expect intraday margin calls article broke and this article below supports the one article about JPM warning to hedge funds. JPM trying to redeem potential losses with this move?

This article in part:

This is interesting, because is JPM trying very hard to cover losses or exposure? Remember, they are the custodians for Silver. And remember, COMEX could not deliver on physical silver, so COMEX opted a cash settlement in lieu of physical silver. Will that be the same for JPM?

Welp, it could be a very busy day for margin callers!

Even @US_TRANSCOM is sending us comms:


To add icing on this Great Awakening cake, now the Democrats call for an investigation of tax avoidance by the Ultrawealthy. No wonder they're beginning to go to space / Mars...possibly to avoid this investigation from materializing!

Then this news broke about Facebook to pay out $1B to reward creators:

Interesting timing, after Facebook already censored millions of patriots. I wonder if this is even available for conservative voices or just the liberal ones?

Let's not forget prior reports of the Billionaires selling assets, etc.



Ildonaldo post ties into the number of votes the democrats tout...156M votes.





Thank you for putting things into perspective:

Grant sent a beautiful heart felt message with this photo and it certainly helped put things into perspective. Our fight is for the Children and the innocent people that have been harmed horribly. The children of the world have been harmed in such a horrible way and used as a business...and with God's help using President Trump, the White Hats and our awesome Military, more and more trafficking operations are taken down.

The children that have survived and live to tell their story have some very deep pain that the naked eye cannot see.

I receive hundreds of messages, cards, letters and gifts and so many people share of their abusive life's experiences (of their abuse as a child or their youth) and how they got through it all. What I find extraordinary, is that these people are incredible givers to humanity. The one common thread they each have is having Hope in God!

They had to face battles and back in the 70's, 80's, 90's it wasn't as open as it is today. So rather than these victims getting any help, they had to decide on their own if what happened was wrong. They live to be adults today, and I find those that have reached out, to be so giving of their love and hope; or they make memes to bring smiles to a stranger's face; or they like to make people laugh; or they make gifts or cards with such a heart felt messages. All they ever want is to be loved GENUINELY.

Some may resist genuine love from another, but once they gain their trust in you, the layers get unpeeled and a better understanding of who they are becomes so real and they embrace love. It is so heartbreaking for those that are adults today, had to suffer with the pain and confusion as a child.

The children today that survive from these horrid operations, need time and love. With our Military taking down the massive operations all around the world, we may not ever see the justice towards those that hurt these innocent lives, but we know that justice has already been done to the majority of these evil swampsters.

Let's please pray for the Military that was a major part of taking down these operations and the unimaginable things they saw, the children they saved, they need our prayers to heal their hearts. These Military men and women are not in the limelight, we may never know their names and they chose that path for they are our Heroes behind the scenes.

They're loyalty is to our Country, to the Commander in Chief and to helping humanity! That is the reason many military personnel join. It's a choice and they chose a Self Less occupation while saving the world....regardless of their rank. Our Military has done EXTRAORDINARY things! The world is so grateful!

And every single day we wake up in the morning...God needs you!!! You are God's Army fighting to help the world with the truth! Yes, we need God in Heaven and He needs you to touch and help a person's life!

You are His Children!! If you sit back and think about this...what a beautiful relationship to have with our Lord God in Heaven!


Thank you for supporting our show!



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Opinion piece.

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I know to well the pain because I been there and survived


Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith
16 ביולי 2021

Thank you for your reporting effort to bring across truth that things are being done. We are living in a time that we will see the Living and Loving God Almighty open can of woop ass. Arrogance and haughtiness have a great fall, never to get back up. I enjoy a good show of fall flat on your face IMPLOSION and COMPLICITY. My favorite verse is He Wipe away every tear Healing us all.


I have a quote concerning people who've been severely and repeatedly abused, which in the earlier days of my therapy, I was told would be the proof of my complete healing - the new me. I'll send it to if I can.

Like the magnificent butterfly who has to fight so hard to be born, people who have had to fight so hard to stay alive understand suffering in a way that others can't even begin to comprehend.

Many people accuse our Heavenly Father of not being a God of love and goodness, saying, "if God was such a good God, why would he allow so much suffering?" People who have truly suffered know the answer to that, but thos…

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