PART 2 - BACK FIRE!! Let's Goooo!! Colin Powell leaves earth!

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PART 1 - 50,000 Secret USA Troops - Deputized! Just getting started!

PART 2 - Reporting on Monday 10/18/2021


In 2016 - They never thought she would lose...welp...she did!

The very first thought from all of these vile swamp monsters election night 2016 was:

Prison / GITMO bound


And their slush funds from all the dirty drug, child, sex transporters would go away:


What about all the bribe money loser Barry and the dirty Clintons took, how will they repay?

Loser Barry and his vile partner traveled behind President Trump's footsteps, but why?

Did they have to pay back a bunch of bribe money? They all knew President Trump is an outsider that would take action and seek justice! He could not be bought or bribed. He was / is a self made billionaire and huge worldwide employer and builder! He didn't need them, he needed and wanted justice!

So let's go back to what she said in 1996.


Let's not forget, the wicked people talked about having more law enforcement, back in the day the evil corrupt governments were running America. Wow, how this has all back fired on all of them!

Fast forward to is a series of Clips of democrats push to defund the police.

Interesting how they touted and praised it in the 1990's and early 2000 but now that President Trump is the true President of the People and his fight for humanity, and with all of President Trump's powerful moves to take down Transporters, cowards, thugs and punks (code words) and how many of these vile politicians are part of that, these dirty politicians suddenly want to defund the police to prevent action against them!

Is it because they have learned that President Trump secretly deputized 50,000 federal marshals as it was reported on Sunday 10/17/2021:


And let's not forget, Loser Barry signing the Prolonged Detention law / act that puts a person in GITMO or prison even if they have not been convicted yet. Yep, he thought the dirty 16 year plan would be in play and signed that law to possibly use it against, good people, yet that plan got blown up because of you and a Miracle from God! So now, it is used on him and his cronies! Article:


Woops...Loser Barry was too busy doing his punk stuff at the White House and sniffing powder and pardoning his criminal buddies....he forgot to close down GITMO!

So now that President Trump could use / did use Prolonged Detention as part of tossing the dirty cops and swamp monsters in GITMO, you can bet ole Loser Barry was not very popular at GITMO!


He not only signed Prolonged Detention, but he also signed an EO 13526 that allows Declassification!! EO 13526 signed by Loser Barry - Authorizing Declassification:

Oh my's interesting how all of this back fired on them!


Oh yes...I can imagine the GITMO Military police have been babysitting a bunch of spoiled rotten thugs!

Oh I wonder if we will ever get a special treat of watching a day in a life at GITMO?


While the big named swamp monsters have been out of the news and spot light and we're watching the doubles, it's just a matter of time when their names get called for their Tribunals or to walk that thin green line.

Rumsfeld and Powell left earth already. Did they get their thin green line called?


And then the boot club became popular.

Oh yes...Kitty Karma did come back to bite them!



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